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Developer listening to needs of seniors

Bravos to developer Rich Schermerhorn for listening to the needs of senior citizens as he moves forward on several senior living projects in the region. The retirement of the Baby Boomers will continue to lead to downsizing in the real estate market and Schermerhorn is smart to take advantage of that trend. He has also been listening to what seniors want, including units that have at least two bathrooms. It is a small thing, but will be important to the success of the project and the happiness of the renters.

Girard breaks Jimmer’s career record

Bravos to Glens Falls High School basketball player Joe Girard III for setting the Glens Falls career scoring record with a 46-point effort that surpassed Jimmer Fredette’s record of 2,404 points. Fredette went on to a Division I career at Brigham Young and a professional basketball career. He is currently playing in China. While Fredette’s record was expected to last a long time, Girard began his varsity career while in eighth grade. What is especially impressive about Girard’s accomplishment is he did it while only a junior in high school. He is currently third on the Section II scoring list and has a good chance of becoming the first player in state history to score 3,000 points.

‘Tis the season to be generous

Bravos to several generous people who responded with last-minute contributions to help several worthwhile charities. After a Post-Star story ran last week about the challenges facing a food pantry at Whitehall schools, one man donated $500. Another $7,000 in donations was made to help Operation Santa Claus reach its goal for the season.

Cuomo calls for regulating online advertising

Bravos to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for his call to regulate online advertising in political campaigns in the state of New York. The Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election continues to be an issue politicians in Washington refuse to address. The governor’s proposal would allow the state to be proactive for all future elections, something the federal government should also be doing. False advertising should not be tolerated in any shape or form in political races, and advertising from foreign entities should also be reviewed.

Boating safety video is paying off

Bravos to the Lake George Park Commission for its steps in ensuring boating safety this past year. A boating safety video that must be viewed by anyone renting a boat appears to have already had an impact on the number of boating accidents. It was also good to hear that marina employees were taking their role in safety seriously, to the point of turning away renters who did not want to view the video.

Planning Board pushes back on proposed store

Bravos to the Queensbury Planning Board for its pushback about a proposed Cumberland Farms store on the corner of Route 9 and Route 149 where “The Loft” is currently located. Town officials need to find a way to make the route less congested, not more. Adding more traffic at that intersection would just make it more dangerous.

Some allow prepayment of taxes

Bravos to the local towns with the foresight to allow for the prepayment of county taxes before Dec. 31 so that residents can get an extra deduction on their 2017 taxes. The new tax law eliminates that deduction for those deducting more than $10,000 on their property taxes. Granted, that is a precious few, but it is still an excellent service, especially for communities with lakefront property.

Post-Star editorials represent the opinion of the Post-Star editorial board, which consists of Publisher Robert Forcey, Controller/Operations Director Brian Corcoran, Editor Ken Tingley, Projects Editor Will Doolittle and citizen representatives Dan Gealt, George Nelson and Patricia Crayford.


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