International Paper hopes to reduce emissions

Bravos to International Paper for being one of the first winners of the state’s Commercial and Industrial Carbon Challenge, a program that requires companies to commit to reducing carbon emissions. IP received a $2.8 million grant for its efforts to reduce emissions. The improvements are expected to reduce the company’s emissions by 225,000 tons. It’s about the same as taking 3,200 cars off the road.

Clean Air group holds public forum

Bravos to the Clean Air Action Network for holding a second public forum locally about the relation between air quality and human health, where David Carpenter, head of the University at Albany’s Institute for Health and the Environment, presented findings of a direct correlation between being hospitalized for asthma and pneumonia and living near a fuel-powered plant or a superfund site.

Queensbury takes stands on bed tax spending

Bravos to the Town Board in Queensbury for taking a stand against using more occupancy tax funds on for-profit businesses. Great Escape had asked for $25,000 for its Oktoberfest event, but the Town Board allotted only $15,000. We can see giving a for-profit business funds to get a new event started, but once it is established, the business should be on its own.

BOCES holds signing day

Bravos to BOCES for establishing the first ever BOCES Signing Day to honor students who complete trade programs while signing on for full-time employment with local businesses. It gives students who are going out into the work force the same attention as the students who are continuing their athletic careers in college. It’s a nice touch.

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Moreau benefits from students’ practice

Bravos to the Washington-Saratoga-Hamilton-Essex BOCES for partnering with the town of Moreau to provide students working on their certification for heavy equipment a chance to practice their skills by building a universal playground at Betar Park. Eighty-seven BOCES students got to put their heavy equipment skills to use in clearing ground for the park. The work provided valuable experience so students would have a better chance of passing their certification test. This was a win-win for everyone.

Legislature takes stand for vaccines

Bravos to the New York State Legislature for eliminating a religious exemption to vaccine requirements for schoolchildren. The move was long overdue, with a measles epidemic threatening the state in recent months. Too many people are having their opinions swayed by false information about vaccines. Eliminating the exemption makes schools safer for all children.

School districts try new communication

Bravos to the Hudson Falls and South Glens Falls school districts for their adoption of new communication software called “Thoughtexchange” to improve the communication among parents, teachers, students and the administration. The new system is getting great reviews in the two school districts. Other school systems may want to check it out.

Freedom of speech should not be curbed

Boos to the Warren County Sheriff’s Office for having a policy that appears to restrict employees’ free speech. The policy came up when one of the sheriff candidates said he was warned by Sheriff Bud York not to criticize the department. York said that was not true. The fact that there is a policy in place that restricts what anyone can say is not a good idea. The new sheriff should get rid of it as one of his first acts.

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