Fort Edward Town Board

The Fort Edward Town Board meets Monday night at Town Hall. 

Fort Edward resident holds board accountable

Bravos to Fort Edward resident Katie DeGroot for her sharp questioning of the Fort Edward Town Board and its lawyer about its vote to approve an option to borrow up to $350,000 to pay funds owed to Washington County. When one of the Town Board members took several minutes to read a resolution filled with legalese, DeGroot asked for a translation. She then went back and forth with Town Attorney Don Boyajian on whether the town owed $350,000 to Washington County. DeGroot tried to clarify whether this meant the town would actually borrow the money. Boyajian finally conceded that this was the plan. DeGroot went on to ask what impact this would have on town taxes, without success. DeGroot deserved more straightforward answers to those questions. She should be applauded for trying to hold town officials accountable.


The overdose-reversal drug Narcan is displayed during training for employees of the Public Health Management Corporation in 2018 in Philadelphia. When life insurance underwriters found out some nurses held prescriptions for Narcan, their life insurance applications were denied. Now the state has issued “guidance,” telling insurers that Narcan-based denials are discriminatory and illegal.

State straightens out insurance carriers

Bravos to the state of New York for issuing “guidance” to insurance carriers that denied insurance to medical personnel who were carrying the drug Narcan to save lives. The state instructed the insurance companies that denying medical personnel insurance for having a prescription to the anti-overdose drug was discriminatory and illegal.

Fenced in

Trump supporters Lorraine Whalen of Ballston Spa, Nancy Barot of Glens Falls, and Tammy Thomas of Lake George participate in a rally in Centennial Circle Thursday Sept. 5. For public safety, the city has begun putting up barricades to prevent people from going into the circle.

Barricades a small step forward at circle

Bravos to the city of Glens Falls for taking a small step to make the Centennial Circle roundabout safer. The circle has been the site of a number of political demonstrations in recent weeks. While the barricades make it safer for the demonstrators, their presence at a five-way intersection is still a distraction. The city should go further and make Centennial Circle off limits to demonstrations for safety reasons. The city has a perfectly good park right around the corner that would serve the purpose just as well.

Securing the house

Workers use plywood to close up holes in early July at a partially demolished house in Queensbury, owned by the former mayor of South Glens Falls, Joe Orlow. 

Queensbury should not make an exception

Boos to the town of Queensbury’s Building and Codes Department for giving the former South Glens Falls mayor special treatment regarding the renovation of a home he owns in Queensbury. Joe Orlow, who says he did not have the time to get the proper permits to finish the renovation, was allowed to go forward without permits if he can get the job done by Oct. 7. That is not fair to every other citizen who is law-abiding and gets the proper permits.

David Starbuck

Archaeologist David Starbuck digs over the summer at an 18th-century officer's house on Rogers Island in Fort Edward.  

Starbuck continues work at Rogers Island

Bravos to renowned archaeologist David Starbuck for continuing his work at the Rogers Island dig this fall. Starbuck, who has performed 69 archaeological field schools in his lifetime, announced he would continue his work even while battling stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

Alcohol sting leaves some bar owners sore

Five employees at establishments in Lake Placid and Saranac Lake were charged with serving alcohol to underage persons in a State Police sting last week.

Business should not fight charges

Boos to the North Country businesses that plan to fight prosecution of underage drinking at their establishments after several of their employees were arrested for serving minors in the Saranac Lake/Lake Placid area. It wasn’t that many years ago that underage drinking was rampant locally. It resulted in nearly a dozen accidental deaths. The bar and restaurant owners should instead concentrate on having policies to ensure none of their employees break the law.

Saratoga County Jail

A renovated jail pod in Saratoga County Jail where addicts and inmates who are veterans will be housed to help them access services.

Saratoga brings 'corrections' to jail

Bravos to Saratoga County Sheriff Michael Zurlo for implementing a program at the county jail that could benefit veterans and inmates addicted to drugs. Too often, law enforcement concentrates only on the punishment and not the corrections. This sounds like a great idea to get inmates back on the right track and ensure they don’t return to jail.

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