A senior who went above and beyond

Bravos to Susan Moffitt for her heroic actions in helping to get a badly burned and unconscious man to safety during a fire on July 14 in Queensbury. After helping one man on the porch of the burning building, she turned to run into the building in search of a second man, but she tripped, hurt her ankle and dislocated a prosthetic hip. Here’s what is especially amazing: While anyone would be applauded for such actions, Moffitt is 59 years old (corrected) and already has had three hip replacements. That’s going above and beyond the call of duty.

Business helps raise money for dog

Bravos to Stumpy’s Pizza in Fort Edward for helping to raise approximately $1,000 in donations to help defray some of the costs for the Fort Edward Police Department’s new dog. Obtaining and training the dog will cost approximately $3,000.

Boat training course is now mandated

Bravos to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for signing into law mandatory boat training for anyone operating a boat. An eight-hour safety course is now law and will be offered around the state and online. While many veteran skippers may not feel like they need the course, we believe it will not hurt anyone to have a refresher course.

Supervisors want answers on unpaid taxes

Bravos to the Washington County supervisors who spoke out angrily about unpaid taxes from the Fort Edward village, town and school district. The unpaid taxes stem from the former GE dewatering plant property and include nearly $500,000 from the town. The Fort Edward Local Property Development Corp. now owns the property but it has not addressed how or when the taxes might be paid. The unpaid taxes could leave a big hole in Washington County’s budget and the supervisors are right to ask for clarification on when all the tax bills will be paid and by whom.

Female mentors set an example

Bravos to female mentors who volunteered their time for the three-night Camp Hidden Lake Program in Lake Luzerne. The women, who have achieved success in business, law and other fields, volunteered to be part of a program for 20 girls entering grades 9-12. The goal is to show the girls what is possible for a future career. It is a great idea.

Fallen firefighter is remembered

Bravos to Hudson Falls Assistant Chief John Santa Croce for taking the time each of the past 25 years to send a letter to members of the Hudson Falls Volunteer Fire Department in Paul MacMurray’s memory. This past week marked the 25th anniversary of when MacMurray died in a tragic fire in Hudson Falls. Each Memorial Day, the firefighters have placed flowers on his grave. Hundreds turned out for the ceremony on Saturday.

Strough saves historic stone walls

Bravos to Queensbury Supervisor John Strough for reaching out the state Department of Transportation and National Grid about their plans to dig up the shoulder to replace pipes on Ridge Road. Strough argued that placing the pipes in the shoulder would dislodge the historic stone walls along the route. Strough took state officials on a tour and they were convinced that replacing the road was a better option that would not impact the stone walls.

Joy brings history alive in Glens Falls

Bravos to retired architect Bob Joy for his Glens Falls architectural tours. Joy has been doing the tours for 22 years and provides visitors with an insight, not only on the diverse collection of buildings downtown, but stories about the city’s lore and legend. Anyone who takes the tour will better understand what a special place the city is.

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