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Kevin Geraghty has been serving on the Warren County Republican Committee for 37 years.

He has been the supervisor in Warrensburg for 11.

He served four years as chairman of the Warren County Board of Supervisors and doubled as administrator for more than a year. He is one of the pillars of the Republican community.

But on Wednesday, he told me he was troubled.

By the direction of the local Republican Party.

By its actions in the recent Queensbury election.

And the direction it seems to be taking at the county level.

“I wouldn’t have wrote you, but it is bothering me so much,” Geraghty said about an email he sent me on Nov. 17. “I just can’t get over it. This is not the way to operate.”

Geraghty said he believes longtime Warren County Republican Chairman Michael Grasso needs to give up the party’s chairmanship.

“You can go astray,” Geraghty said. “I just think it is wrong what is being done.”

Finally, a Republican of prominence has stood up to do the right thing.

Nick Caimano, who served 30 years as a member of the Warren County Republican Committee and previously served as a Queensbury supervisor at-large and was the county’s budget officer, also said the Warren County Republicans need new leadership.

He says many longtime members feel the same way.

“It’s time for the Republican committee to have a meeting and change its course,” Caimano said.

Geraghty says many of his colleagues on the county Board of Supervisors believe this as well.

Just last week, Grasso seemed to be staying the course after rebuffing a suggestion that the Republican Party in Warren County needed to adopt an ethics policy. Since then, the Democrats have said they are open to the idea, the Green Party will discuss it in a public meeting on Dec. 6 and the Conservative Party leader said it already has one.

“I’ve talked to Mike before about the direction he was heading,” Geraghty said. “I didn’t think he should go there. I don’t think it is conducive.

“I’ve heard from some people on the (Republican) committee,” Geraghty continued. “No one wants a war, but I want the Republican Party to do the right thing. I’ve always spoken my piece and believed in doing what is right. I don’t think we are doing what is right as Republicans.”

What might be even more of a concern is that Geraghty said he sees the same type of politics just witnessed in Queensbury creeping into Warren County business.

“There has never been pressure put on supervisors to vote a certain way,” Geraghty said. “It is starting to happen at the county level, and that is too bad.”

It is worse than that and should not be condoned.

“They are blinded by something,” Geraghty said. “Not sure what it is.”

There are 118 Republican Committee members in Warren County and Geraghty says he believes a reorganization meeting will be held in December. He is not sure whether he will be reappointed to the committee. That is up to Grasso.

“The Republican stuff needs to stop,” Geraghty said. “I will do my part to make it work.”

Geraghty also predicted that politics will continue in Queensbury.

“This is not one of those things that I think they will let go of,” Geraghty said.

“When longtime committee members are writing letters to the editor and not supporting Republican candidates, something is wrong,” Caimano said. “I don’t think he (Grasso) can continue. He made the wrong decisions.”

It’s refreshing that prominent Republicans have reached this conclusion.

The local political parties have a rare opportunity to set standards for the future that other communities can emulate. They have the opportunity to ensure that civil political discourse is the standard in all future elections.

This is not about any political ideology or specific issue; this is about doing the right thing and ensuring that our communities have the very best leadership.

It may all hinge on the Warren County Republicans changing their leadership.

Ken Tingley is the editor of The Post-Star and may be reached via email at His blog, “The Front Page,” discusses issues about newspapers and journalism. You can also follow him on Twitter at



Ken Tingley is Editor of The Post-Star in Glens Falls, N.Y. and writes a regular blog called "The Front Page."

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