Stefanik takes pass on newspaper story

Boos to Rep. Elise Stefanik for again failing to respond to another media outlet. When the Washington Post asked key congressional leaders and members of the judiciary and intelligence committees — of which Stefanik is a member — whether they had read the Mueller report, Stefanik was among 25 Republicans who did not respond. Rep. Stefanik has regularly touted her transparency, yet she has a track record of not always talking directly to reporters, including The Post-Star.

EPA proposing cuts to important research

Boos to the Environmental Protection Agency for proposing a $300 million cut in its budget as part of an effort to eliminate research projects credited with discovering problems that pesticides, air pollution and other hazards pose to children. This is exactly the type of work the EPA should be doing to keep us and our children healthy.

Boat washing station opens on Northway

Bravos to the state Department of Environmental Conservation and the state Department of Transportation for incorporating a boat-washing station into the newly refurbished rest stop on the Northway. The two state agencies worked with multiple local officials and environmental groups to make the station a reality. It provides visiting boaters with a convenient option for getting their vessels prepared for launching in Adirondack lakes.

Federal government fails to protect veterans

Boos to the federal government for its continued failure to acknowledge the risks it put military personnel in when it assigned them to Pacific islands where nuclear bomb testing had taken place. These veterans have suffered an increased risk for cancer — and actual cancer in many cases — yet the government has not done anything to help them. The time is long overdue.

Queensbury gets good deal on insurance

Bravos to the town of Queensbury and the broker it hired to negotiate a better deal with its insurance provider. What started out as an 8.5 percent increase was concluded with a deal for a 0.5 percent reduction. Maybe the town should give out the phone number of its broker to other communities.

New dinosaur attractions opens

Bravos to Magic Forest amusement park for the addition of a new dinosaur attraction this past weekend. By the reaction of the children in attendance at the preview, the new attraction could quickly be a destination in the Lake George area. Magic Forest has always been a great place for the little ones not ready for the big rollercoasters down the road, and the dinosaurs will broaden that appeal.

Classmate steps up to recognize veteran

Bravos to Henry Bates Jr. for his continued efforts to secure a white marble gravestone for a classmate from their time at Cambridge Union School. Both graduated in 1944 in the middle of World War II and both enlisted in the Navy after graduation. His classmate died in 1980 and was buried in Cambridge Woodlands Cemetery with no service and no grave marker. When Bates found out about it, he spent the next five years working to get a grave marker from the federal government. Bates also got help from the Cambridge village clerk and Rep. Elise Stefanik’s office. It all came together this past week and the 92-year-old Bates attended a ceremony at the graveside with the new headstone for his classmate Leo A. Vuori.

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