Consider Christmas as parade theme


I went to vote for your theme for the Holiday Parade, but found the most important reason was missing. How about Christmas, which is the reason for the holiday? Let’s not forget it. Why are you afraid to list it?


Lake Luzerne

Do you want a dog? Choose a rescue


When your children want a puppy, don’t buy! Rescue, please, it still will cost you money, but the more you buy, the more you are supporting all puppy mills!

The ones you rescue are more in need of love and a home. And the small fee you donate is going to rescue and save other strays left outside with no food, no shelter.

All the puppy mills are doing are using the female dogs to make money. Learn about puppy mills online or ask Cesar Millan!

Get into the real Christmas spirit.



Fraternity hazing can get out of hand


Recent troubling news about college fraternity hazing makes me recollect probably my worst day ever. I was having the time of my life pledging for Phi Rho Pi fraternity at Manhattan College. It was the frat with all the jocks. I had to walk the campus in 6’ 11” Junius Kellogg’s hip boots. I’m 5’ 7”. Some may recall, Junius broke an infamous point shaving scandal in NYC only to end up in a highway ditch years later, a paraplegic for life.

My assignments were great, some backfired. At Mount St. Vincent College, I had to propose to the ugliest girl on campus. As a stunner approached, they changed it to her. On my knees, she agreed to marry me.

Then, she had to sign my assignment. When she read it, she hit me with the book. Once, I had to climb a street sign in Times Square, another to gather a pound of belly button lint. Fortunately, they couldn’t prove it wasn’t the real stuff.

Then came Hell Night. Two pledges and three brothers rode in the car, one in the trunk. We had one another’s clothes on so we couldn’t hide money. Frat letters emblazoned on our foreheads, eyes blindfolded with Kotex, we had to jump out of the trunk shouting at any car stoppage. I was sent into a roadhouse and successfully begged for a container of beer. Now it was Mike’s turn in the trunk.

Suddenly a police car motioned us over and Mike unknowingly jumped out of the trunk yelling. The policeman stood, gun in hand, shaking like a leaf. How he refrained, I’ll never know.

How wrong simple fun can be. We were deposited on a golf course in “no man’s land” in the dark and left to get home. How? That’s quite another story.



CIA report a mere political distraction


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I think Mr. Tingley should be ashamed of himself for his commentary concerning the Senate report of torture. First of all, this investigation was done solely by Senate Democrats without any input of many key players involved, most notably members of the CIA. It was obvious from the start that this was a totally biased political ploy concocted solely to distract from the many failures of this administration and he bit on it hook, line and sinker. These “enhanced interrogation” techniques are not torture. If you want to know what torture is, ask some of the POWs of World War II, Korea or Vietnam.

I’m surprised of the views of Sen. John McCain considering what he went through. He mentioned Mai Lai and Abu Ghraib. Sure, there will always be a few atrocities in war, but why not concentrate on the atrocities perpetuated on totally innocent people by the most inhumane barbaric savages of our time?

For anyone to have sympathy for any of this ilk being banged against a wall, have water poured on them or being “inconvenienced” in some way is totally beyond belief.



Thanks for turning in dropped card


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I’d like to wish a very Merry Christmas and extend my gratitude to the lady who found my credit card on the floor at Bon-Ton recently and immediately turned it in to the service desk.

It fell out of my pocket (where I shouldn’t have kept it in the first place), and as soon as I discovered the loss, I returned to Bon-Ton to cancel the card. When I asked to cancel it, the clerk told me someone had turned it in. What a relief. Thank you so much to the unidentified lady who found and returned the card. Merry Christmas!



Those who torture must be punished


Before we start handing out Medals of Freedom to those responsible for torturing suspects at Guantanamo and thereby wrecking any chance of successful criminal prosecutions, let us remember how this all began.

The CIA, the FBI and the Bush administration were asleep at the switch while several al-Qaida terrorists were attending flight school right under their noses here in the U.S.A.

These terrorists learned how to fly the passenger planes that carried out the first successful enemy attack on our soil since Pearl Harbor, an attack under the Bush administration that resulted in the murder of more than 3,000 innocent unarmed American civilians.

I call that attack the “Trade Center Scandal,” and I urge Congress to take time out from its investigation of the “Benghazi Scandal” to do some investigation into the “Trade Center Scandal.”

Americans do not torture prisoners. We are the good guys, remember? We don’t need some mercenary from the right-wing American Enterprise Institute to explain to us the legal definition of torture.

Patriotic Americans know the meaning of that term in their hearts without looking it up.

I also have a problem with the Feinstein Report on Guantanamo, but that is a different problem. It did not go far enough.

Those responsible for violating our national laws, international law and the most basic rules of human conduct, should be held accountable and their acts should not be swept under the rug of an “Official Senate Report Summary.”


attorney at law

Glens Falls