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Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor

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Private launches will save the lake


In this day and age, families are begging for tax relief and government spending has spiraled out of control. So why are we proposing multimillion-dollar government-funded boat washes as a solution to our invasive species problems?

The solution to stopping invasive species on Lake George is simple: shut down public boat launches. The owners of privatized launches understand the importance of stopping the spread of invasive species. Their businesses rely on the health and vitality of our lake. Most marinas are already capable of effectively cleaning a boat that has been exposed to other bodies of water. If visitors are forced to launch at privatized marinas, their boats will be inspected and washed by marina operators as necessary.

This solution creates washing jobs, generates tax revenue for state and local governments through the sales of washing services and boat launches, eliminates the need for government spending and keeps our lake healthy.

We have the most beautiful lake and pristine water in New York. History has shown people pay to boat here. The proposed boat washes are just another example of a bloated government program to solve a problem best left to the free market.


Lake George

Roundabout not answer at crossing


A few weeks ago, I noticed car-counter cables across Aviation Road and Farr Lane, apparently in the beginning stages of traffic control at the intersection of Aviation Road, Dixon Road and Farr Lane. I seem to remember a roundabout was the favorite method the last time the subject

was in this newspaper. I do not understand why, considering the cost and the amount of space a roundabout would take. Why not use one of the other methods, such as traffic lights (works in front of the school) or four stop signs (works at the intersection of West Mountain Road/Mountain View Lane/Bonner Drive)? Either of these two methods would seem to be less expensive than a roundabout, too.



Veteran lauded for his achievements


It gives me great pleasure to say hats off to a great guy, a veterans’ veteran, a man who gave his all-out effort on doing the right thing for veterans of all wars; his dedicated work toward helping veterans, getting roads, bridges, parks, you name it, named after veterans. The list of good things this man has done and tried to do for veterans would take up a full page.

I am sure someone will do a better job than this for my old buddy of more than 70 years, Eugene Corsale. Way to go, Gene. Hope you are feeling better. God bless you and all you have done for veterans in Saratoga and other areas of New York state.


Saratoga Springs

Answer is simpler than Obamacare


All Americans have the right to the freedom of speech and the right to the freedom of information. Everyone knows the Obamacare bill is totally unfair. If all Americans were allowed to buy into Medicare and pay $25 monthly, let me give you an example of how it could work; 250 million people pay $25 monthly, equals $6.250 billion times 12 months, equals $75 billion, times 10 years, equals $750 billion.

I believe there are more than 1,200 insurance companies throughout the United States, and their insurance coverage costs too much, in my opinion. I see absolutely no reason for vouchers.

Absolutely too many rich politicians looking out for the rich business people and not enough for the senior citizens and low-income people. Also, explain how the voucher system works. The American people have a right to know. I also feel all treatment facilities should be paid for what they earn, not what someone wants to give them.

Also, if 250 million people had $300 deductible, that would equal $75 billion in one year insurance companies do not pay.

If anyone disagrees or makes corrections, please do so. I feel all Americans should know to which benefits they are entitled.

Thank you. May God bless the United States of America.



Hudson Falls


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