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Letter to the editor: Reviewing the letter writers


Well, Maggie Alitz got me again. When I mentioned that she made me recall Al Pacino in Godfather 3 when he said he tried to get out but they kept pulling him back in, in reference to me trying not to write these letters but her silly comments compelled me to, she wanted to know -- are you ready? -- what Al Pacino had to do with education, her subject that I commented on. Do you believe that? But she who calls the ranting Mario Hepp "eloquent" and misunderstands even a simple joking reference thinks she knows the intricacies of our world better than our leaders. Please. But here's what made me write:  She says legalized marijuana will lead to, among other nonsense, incest! Whaaa? How exactly, ma'am? I have to hear this! I know quite a few people who have used the stuff moderately for years, and now that I think of it, a couple of their kids bear a resemblance to that banjo-playing kid from Deliverance.  Hmmm.

And welcome to our new scribe DiCroce. He starts out by saying that Obama should have been more thoroughly vetted. Huh? More vetted? His ancestry, citizenship and associations were challenged and researched more extensively than any other president in history. He was accused of having terrorist ties, of not being the Christian he said he was, of being a Muslim terrorist sympathizer and even a hater of his own country, and by that I mean the U.S., not Kenya, wiseguys. Nice start, DiCroce. Keep 'em coming please.

But the king of the armchair quarterbacks remains Stiling Knight who might be teetering on the edge. I love his references to the democratic "chieftains" rather than "leaders." Doesn't "chieftains" sound more ominous? And does he think he's running for president at some point? Great idea!





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