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Letter to the editor: We are on our way to a policed state

Letter to the editor: We are on our way to a policed state



Google history around 1930s, 40s for Italy and Germany prior to Hitler’s reign. Those people were apathetic and calmly thinking “It will never happen here” too.

Some say 2016 is a turning point in U.S. history. I say that happened seven years ago, and 2016 is the point of no return! We need to make a choice now! On one side, you have a socialist, which is one step away from communism. Then a woman who’s lied, cheated, deceived her way through politics from “Whitewater” to aiding four of our own to die on foreign soil. On the other side of the ballet, you have a pathetic one state winner stealing delegates with crooked political rules after the people have voted. Then there’s a known liar who also steals delegates and stoops as low as to say a candidate has “quit” the first state’s primary to get more votes. All career politicians! And you have a successful businessman who’s been so honest that he’s been criticized for it!

Now be scared! Sen. Graham, hated foe of Cruz, is constructing a way to get Cruz nominated without the people’s vote! If you think this isn’t scary? Dictator Obama has imposed his healthcare on us, whether we want or can afford it, and penalized us with expensive fines if we refuse! Taking a page from Obama, our own governor sneaked in the “Safe Act” in the wee hours of night without legislators having time to read the bill before voting! Most recent, state workers he banned from travel; think about those last three words for a moment? Banned from travel to two other states because he doesn’t agree with their laws!

If you aren’t brain dead, you best open your eyes and see exactly what’s coming! Policed state, true communism!




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