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Letter to the editor: Trump could be the cure for ineptitude

Letter to the editor: Trump could be the cure for ineptitude



I have reluctantly become a 'Donald Trump for president' indoctrinee. I know he’s a wild card, a big gamble, a loose cannon, but maybe, just maybe if his promises are sincere, and I think they are, he’s the cure for the Washington, D.C., quagmire. He’s going to need his hard edges smoothed over and a whole lot of expert advice when he wins the presidency. Look at his opposition and some commentators, starting with Mitt Romney, who should have faded into the background; he borders on the silly. John Kasich has no chance, just ambition keeps him going, and Ted Cruz, very little chance and a part of a do-nothing Senate. Now the Democrats — Bernie Sanders, a socialist really, and four more years of the same with Hillary? Our country wouldn’t survive. I would love to see Trump shake up Washington, D.C.’s bureaucracy (set of officials following inflexible routine).

Orrin Hatch was televised last week. He is a senior Republican senator from Utah. He was standing in front of television cameras, impeccably dressed and groomed (Utah pays his bills) and was attempting to explain why President Obama’s nominee for the Supreme Court wouldn’t be considered. He was blustering about the “Biden Rule.” It’s like little boys who can’t play together. No one is doing their job. Wake up, Utah! The old boys club is passé.

We gave an actor a chance with Ronald Reagan and we won. Let’s try an unpolished businessman and let some fresh air in.




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