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Letter to the editor: Support Trump’s victory or move on


This is in response to Tillie Merrill’s letter. You say that President-elect Trump will never be your president. The fact is, he is the country’s president. You say this isn’t a schoolyard, yet all you Clinton supporters act worse than the children in a schoolyard; bullies that are trashing other good citizens’ properties, hurting and killing our police; burning our country’s flag, the flag our veterans and ancestors gave their lives for.

When your President Obama won two times as our country’s elected leader, we didn’t dream of doing any of these things. We sucked it up and tried harder the next time. We never asked for a costly, foolish recount, even though it would have shown a forgery was committed. When the dead come back from the grave to vote, it is definitely forgeries going on. On the statement of money can buy a country, President-elect Trump paid his own way to run for president in the election. He didn’t steal money to pay to be elected. As for gloating about our candidate, he won because he is an honest, down to earth man, a man that will stand up for our constitutional rights.

I am in agreement with Don Sage when he says real Americans support Trump’s victory. Real Americans would jail Hillary for all her corruption to our great country. All you non-supporters are not true Americans. You don’t have to stay in America. If you choose to stay, be a real American and grow up.

Patricia Harrington, Hudson Falls 


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