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Letter to the editor: Reader is tired of all the propaganda

Letter to the editor: Reader is tired of all the propaganda



The last pair of people I will be lectured at about history and morals is Will Doolittle and Ken Tingley, the dynamic pair of progressive propaganda. Where is all the outrage about the genocidal killing of Christians in the Middle East? How about the more than two dozen Obama is kicking out of this country? Tell us when you wrote those stories? What about your moral outrage about the videos and what Planned Parenthood is doing? Oh that's right, another one of those right-wing conspiracies? How about your support for Black Lives Matter and the assaults they committed at Dartmouth?

So spare us the elitist crap. I love how you pick and choose what bothers you, and usually it's the progressive propaganda that is your cause: gun control, flat earth, man-made warming, racism, bad cops, etc., etc. This whole mess is Obama's fault and now he wants to visit his mistake on the American people with your blessings.

We cannot prove who is the good guy or the bad guy and you want to open our borders to terrorists, worked so well on our southern borders? Do you lock your doors at night to keep people out or to protect your family?


Glens Falls


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