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2012 resolutions

New Year 2012

We resolve that 2012 will be a better year.

Truthfully, we're not so sure about that. The simple reality is - like most years - we expect we will have no trouble filling these pages with our concerns about where our communities have stumbled and where our public officials have erred.

We're not trying to be negative; our concern comes out of a great love of the communities we serve. And unfortunately, business is good for us in the criticism game.

But 2012 is a new year and in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, we couldn't help but imagine a wonderful world where we went the entire year without booing anyone in the "Boos and Bravos" column.

Impossible? Probably, but it is good to dream.

So in the spirit of optimism, in the spirit of New Year's resolutions, here is what we hope we see in 2012:

* Lake George Mayor Bob Blais and new Lake George Town Supervisor Dennis Dickinson waving to each other across the parking lot as they get out of their cars to go to work in the morning. We hope that Dickinson and Blais can reach new heights of intermunicipal cooperation and maybe even blaze a trail to eliminate village government entirely.

* An entire year without one DWI arrest. We know this one may be outdated by the time you read this, but we have covered too many trials in recent years involving innocent people who have lost their lives at the hands of drunk drivers.

* New Fort Ann Supervisor Darlene Dumas including a public comment period at each and every Town Board meeting. That would be the first step toward transparency and improving the way the town operates.

* The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors to finally acknowledge that we are in a recession and present a budget next year that reflects that.

* Elimination of all villages in Warren, Washington and Saratoga counties. Each village should be exploring how it can save money with its neighboring communities. All citizens need to be open-minded. Even if there is not huge savings up front, we believe those savings will be realized through job attrition and retirement savings.

* Continued frugality from schools and government institutions so the burden on taxpayers does not increase. Biting the bullet is never easy and losing jobs is painful, but the economy is not showing many signs of life, so we expect another year where budgets need to be held in check.

* Proper care for all our returning veterans from the recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Too many times in recent years we have run stories that show veterans are not getting a fair shake. That needs to change.

* That all government bodies follow the Open Meetings Law to the letter and that all town clerks give out public information without the need for filing a Freedom of Information request. If it is clear the information is public, why the needless paperwork?

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* Consolidate, consolidate, consolidate, especially economic development agencies and tourism departments. We are all in this together and we should act accordingly. We also know that is easier said than done.

* The Warren County Board of Supervisors to reconsider their deal with Sheila Weaver.

* Some retail stores in downtown Glens Falls. Downtown is looking better than ever and we hope for the progress to continue.

It is probably too much to expect all of this to come to pass in 2012, but it is New Year's Day and anything is possible.

Local editorials represent the opinion of The Post-Star editorial board, which consists of Publisher Rick Emanuel, Editor Ken Tingley and citizen representative Charlotte Potvin.



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