Robert Nemer establishes college scholarship for teens

Bravos to Robert Nemer, a judge and sponsor of The Post-Star‘s Teen Excellence Awards, for his insistence on establishing a $5,000 college scholarship for one of the 21 recipients at the annual awards. The scholarship will be given annually, but Nemer hopes to get other community members to add even more scholarships in the future.

Granville school officials propose money-saving idea

Bravos to Granville school officials for bringing forward the idea of closing Mary J. Tanner School to save taxpayers as much as $667,000 a year. But during a forum that drew close to 100 people, the public made it clear it did not want to close the school. That appears short-sighted, considering the struggles local school districts have in holding the line on taxes while still trying to provide a quality education. The public should be reminded it is not the building that makes the difference in a child’s education but the quality of the teachers and the programs. It was further disturbing to learn that many at the forum did not even want to listen to outside ideas of how to make their children’s education better. That is also short-sighted.

Moreau Town Board gives developer a refund

Bravos to the Moreau Town Board for refunding $371,000 to a developer who was forced to pay for sewer hookups before his project had even been built. The developer said he felt trapped by an overzealous building inspector. After hearing the story, the Town Board voted to refund the money.

Ann Marie Donohue spends career at Fort Hudson

Bravos to Anne Marie Donohue for her 41 years of service working at the Fort Hudson Nursing Center. These days, it is unusual for anyone to stay in one place for four decades, and nursing home officials will tell you it is often hard to keep someone for four days. Donohue is to be commended for dedicating her life’s work to the care of the elderly. It is needed today more than ever.

Queensbury athlete carries the flag in Lillehammer

Bravos to Queensbury’s Kalyn McGuire for being chosen to carry the flag in the closing ceremonies at the Youth Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. McGuire is a skeleton racer who is a junior at Queensbury High. She finished 16th in the competition and was chosen from among 62 other American athletes competing.

Schuylerville pushes forward on zoning

Bravos to four of the five Schuylerville Village Board members who faced the music in a meeting with residents to discuss the details for the proposed zoning code. The board listened patiently for 90 minutes, going over the details and the reasons for the proposed code. The board is intentionally going slowly to make sure the village is comfortable going forward. That is absolutely the right approach and has so far been successful.

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Diamond gave consolidation his best shot

Bravos to Glens Falls Mayor Jack Diamond for his well-intentioned efforts at consolidation between Glens Falls and Warren County. Diamond cannot run for mayor again because of term limits. His only ulterior motive was to improve the city’s financial position for the future. It was also wise to give up the effort once it became obvious the political winds were against him.

Warren County stalls consolidation again

Boos to Warren County’s Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee for insisting on a study of police consolidation before continuing talks with the city. It was obvious from the start that county leaders did not want to go forward with this initiative, and with a study expected to take a year or more, this was simply another tactic to delay discussion of the issue. Then, after Glens Falls Mayor Jack Diamond announced he was giving up on the consolidation efforts, Glens Falls supervisors Jim Brock and Matt McDonald convinced county leaders that more discussion was needed, but now the mayor has bowed out, which leaves us more confused than ever.

Bravo from a reader: USW Local 649 steps up

Bravos to the United Steel Workers (USW) Local 649 in Easton for their donation to Comfort Food Community of 1,600 pounds of food and nonfood items. The contributions will go a long way in replenishing much-needed goods at CFC’s Greenwich and Cossayuna food pantries. More than 130 union employees donated and shopped for the items, sensing the importance of conducting this food drive during the winter when supplies at pantries often run low.

Nancy Fitzpatrick, Greenwich


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