There's this kid on our street - about 14 years old, with a mop-top haircut and freckles - who's always doing crazy stuff.

If he's not playing Frisbee on the roof, or seeing how far he can climb up a tree, or lying on his belly jumping a skateboard over a makeshift ramp, he's out there doing something else nuts. The other day, we swore we saw him jump off the porch on his pogo stick, but we couldn't be sure. Last winter, he and his brother built a fort into a snowbank and were lobbing snowballs with lacrosse sticks at unsuspecting walkers. If you drive by when he's out there, he's likely to thump your bumper and pretend you ran him over.

He's always surrounded by other kids, always has a big smile on his face, and he's out there day or night, rain or snow.

If you look out the window and see him doing his antics, you can't help but smile at his exuberance. His energy and quest for danger is more than contagious; it's joyful.

As we gather to celebrate Thanksgiving today, be thankful for your health and your family and all that makes you feel blessed. But also take some time to be thankful for those things that give you precious little moments of joy throughout the year.

Hugging your children. Watching them sleep. A family gathering. A conversation with a friend. Holding hands. Cooking a great meal. Playing the piano. Waking up next to the person you love. An unexpected text message. A baby's laugh. Watching football with your dad. Volunteering to help others, like so many are doing today at Thanksgiving celebrations around the area. A glass of red wine after a tough day at work. A chick flick. A long walk in the woods. Fresh air. A hard-fought game of hoops. Sitting with your elderly aunt. Or just reflecting on a beautiful memory.

Whatever it is that makes you happy and gives you joy, celebrate it today.

Life can be tough sometimes. Often, it's overwhelming. And it's simplistic to think that watching a kid on a pogo-stick is going to pay the electric bill or cure an illness. But without these little things to break up the monotony, life's pressures would be unbearable. These are what get us through the long days, the tough times. Without them, life would totally bring us down.

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We might not think of them as gifts, but they are, because they often appear unexpectedly, at just the right time.

If today you find yourself sitting around the Thanksgiving dinner table, and you can't think of anything to be thankful for, you can always come by our street. It looks like the kid is out there building a hang-glider out of hockey sticks and a bed sheet. We can all be thankful if he doesn't break his leg.

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