Warren County maintenance workers who were helping move furniture out of the county's former Department of Social Services building had some interesting tales to tell about possible paranormal activity in the nearly 90-year-old building.

Those who have worked in the three-story building on Gurney Lane in Queensbury for years are sure it's haunted.

They tell tales of two particular "spirits" that have been sighted numerous times over the years, one on the third floor and another on the second. They tell tales of people seeing the ghost of a woman in a white gown wandering the halls at night, and the elevator mysteriously stopping and starting with no one in it.

What makes the stories more interesting is the fact that the building was built in the 1920s to be used as a tuberculosis sanitarium, and there are reportedly the remnants of a crematorium in the basement.

-- Don Lehman

Hot on your tail

If you've got an outstanding parking ticket in Saratoga Springs, it might be best to do your shopping somewhere else for a little while. Well ... that or pay the fine.

City officials announced this week that police have updated their license plate readers to include information about ‘scofflaws' who have unpaid parking fines.

Any drivers found in the city with overdue bills will have their vehicle towed and impounded until the fines are paid, city officials said.

They're not joking, either: A driver with $525 in past-due tickets had a vehicle towed on Monday after being located in the city.

In all, officials say there are 308 vehicles within 55 miles of Saratoga Springs that owe a combined $183,000 - money that is sorely needed because of difficult city finances.

Parking tickets, by the way, can be paid at Saratoga Springs City Hall Monday through Friday between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m., or online at www.saratoga-springs.org.

- Drew Kerr

Piling up the campaign cash

Republican congressional candidate Chris Gibson raised $108,519 in the first quarter of this year, and had $91,825 on hand for his campaign as of March 31, according to a report his campaign filed with the Federal Election Commission.

Gibson is running against incumbent U.S. Rep. Scott Murphy, D-Glens Falls, in the 20th Congressional District.

Murphy raised about $475,000 in the first quarter, and had a balance of about $1.1 million on hand as of March 31, campaign spokesman Josh Schwerin has said.

A full report is to due to be filed with the FEC by midnight tonight.

Gibson, in a press release, said his contributions have come primarily from individuals and small business owners.

-- Maury Thompson

Interns wanted

Glens Falls High School students will be getting gaining some work experience in the city's economic development and tourism offices, 2nd Ward Councilwoman Judy Villa White said at the city Common Council meeting on Tuesday.

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Villa White said she and city Economic Development Director Edward Bartholomew are working with school officials to establish a program for unpaid student interns in photography and Web site posting.

-- Maury Thompson

Blogging government

Two town supervisors in Washington County are blogging up a storm.

Salem Supervisor Seth Pitts and Hartford Supervisor Dana Haff both started blogs to discuss news and events in their towns.

The blogs started on their respective official town Web sites.

They are also using the blogs as a sounding board for the community.

Pitts, for example, posted on his blog a story about a new $250,000 fire truck, asking readers to comment on the issue. Haff provides updates on his blog about town efforts to secure grants for a historic Civil War site in Hartford.

Haff's blog can be read at hartfordny.com/supervisors-news/ and Pitts' blog is found at salem-ny.com/blog/

- Nick Reisman




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