Glens Falls Hospital

A 2017 view of the east side of Glens Falls Hospital. 

GLENS FALLS — Business decisions have led Glens Falls Hospital to lay off 25 people over the past month, a hospital spokeswoman said.

“We’ve made a number of changes over the last three months,” said spokeswoman Katelyn Cinzio, who did not offer any explanation of those changes.

However, the hospital recently closed two units: the Center for Occupational Health on Jan. 18 and the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit on Jan. 25.

The rehab unit was described as “no longer financially viable.”

Hospital officials did not give a reason for the closure of the Center for Occupational Health, but according to the hospital’s website and its previous descriptions of the center, usage dropped precipitously over the course of two years.

In 2016, there were 2,000 companies using the center for routine drug tests and other employee matters, according to the hospital. That dropped to 900 companies in 2018, according to the hospital’s website.

Cinzio said the hospital is “constantly evaluating our staffing structure and at times that does result in position eliminations.”

Neither unit closure was announced to the public in advance, but workers told The Post-Star. Hospital officials were reluctant to discuss layoffs at all, with the hospital spokeswoman not responding to emails and phone calls for two weeks and then sending one email that did not answer the question.

Finally, after a reporter called hospital CEO Dianne Shugrue three times, the hospital spokeswoman sent out another email with the total number of layoffs. Shugrue never returned the calls.

Workers have contested the hospital’s description of 25 layoffs in total, saying that 30 people were laid off at the Center for Occupational Health and another 15 to 20 at the rehab unit.

At the Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, hospital officials had said there were 15 nurses and a team of at least seven therapists. It’s not clear how many of them were laid off.

Over the last two work days, the hospital did not respond to two emails and a phone call asking for details about the 25 layoffs, such as how many people lost their jobs at the Center for Occupational Health versus the rehab unit.

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