Rite Aid lot

A South Glens Falls woman says a prostitute solicited her boyfriend in this Ridge Street, Glens Falls parking lot a couple weeks ago.

GLENS FALLS — Allison was surprised to see a woman hurry away from her boyfriend’s truck in the parking lot of the Rite Aid store on Ridge Street late Saturday afternoon.

Her boyfriend had parked his truck while she ran across the street to the Lukoil store to grab some tobacco around 4:30 p.m. The truck was too big and the parking lot too crowded, so he waited in a spot on the May Street side of the pharmacy.

Seconds after he stopped, a woman opened the passenger door of the truck, got in and asked if he was looking for sex, Allison said. She said she could perform a sex act for $20, grabbing his crotch as she did so. When he told her he was not interested and asked her to leave, she asked if he wanted any cocaine or heroin. He again replied no, and she opened the door and walked to a nearby parked car.

The South Glens Falls resident, whose last name is being withheld at her request, said she was walking out of the store when she saw the woman get out of the truck. She described her as white with long, blondish-brown hair, and said she walked to a small, blue car parked nearby.

She said she was shocked that a brief stop in a pharmacy parking lot in downtown Glens Falls could result in such a brazen solicitation.

“I couldn’t believe it — we were parked right across the street from the fire station,” she said.

Allison reached out to The Post-Star and emailed a complaint to Glens Falls Police as well, which the Police Department was reviewing as of Thursday. She said her boyfriend did not want to make a formal complaint, or consent to an interview, but she believed the public should know what occurred.

“He said, ‘Let it go,’ but I’m not letting it go,” she said.

Glens Falls Police Detective Lt. Peter Casertino said police are aware of drug activity in that area of the Ridge Street store but had not heard of prostitution being solicited there or gotten any other similar complaints. He said the department planned to increase patrols in the area and would investigate further if the couple could provide more information.

Local police have made prostitution arrests in the region from time to time, but the shuttering of some popular online classified sites where prostitutes advertised has changed the industry in recent months, police said.

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