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QUEENSBURY — A Lake George woman who stole thousands of dollars from the motel where she worked, using a fake name during her employment, is headed to state prison for up to 7 years after guilty pleas to two felonies.

Colleen A. Mulson, 60, pleaded guilty to grand larceny and forgery charges in connection with her June 2017 arrest for the theft of $5,700 while she worked as a clerk at King Hendrick Motel. Police said she diverted motel money to a personal PayPal online account.

Mulson worked at the motel under the name Meaghen C. Guinness-Ryan, a person whose identity she stole for years as part of a decades-long pattern of fraud around the country. That led to multiple forgery counts in addition to grand larceny.

Warren County sheriff’s officers believed Mulson had lived in Lake George and held a number of jobs under the Guinness-Ryan name for about a decade.

She had prior fraud-related arrests in New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida. The Warren County Sheriff’s Office said police records show 45 aliases that she has used, and she had accumulated three felony convictions.

Mulson is scheduled to be sentenced July 25. She faces 2 1/3 to 7 years in state prison, with a recommendation she be allowed to participate in the state’s Comprehensive Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment program. She will also have to make restitution.

Her lawyer, Veronica O’Dell, did not return a phone call for comment Monday.

The motel’s owner discovered the theft by Mulson when customers arrived with PayPal receipts for reservations, but no deposits credited to their hotel reservation accounts. Police said at least 15 victims had been identified.

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