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To Sapphire Bullard, 7, Cupid is an angel that flies up in the air and shoots arrows at people. When they are struck by the arrow, they fall in love.

When asked if she was ever struck by Cupid’s arrow, she said “no.”

“Because!” she exclaimed on Monday. “It’s not Valentine’s Day yet!”

Sapphire and her fellow second-graders at Big Cross Street School in Glens Falls mostly agree that Valentine’s Day is more about parties, candy, friendship and love and less about the winged cherub wielding a bow and arrow.

“You get to spend time with your family,” said Carter Riley, 8. “You get to eat some chocolates. You get to give chocolates to somebody. You can do something with somebody that’s very fun.”

Antonio Womak, 7, wasn’t sure about the role of Cupid, but he did know that Valentine’s Day should be about spending the day with someone you like. He wants to spend the day with his friend, Eli.

“He’s my bestest friend I ever had,” Antonio said.

Ella Carner, 7, was especially looking forward to waking up to special blueberry pancakes on Valentine’s Day.

And Scarlett Porcaro, 8, was hoping to get to sample the special gift her father bought for her mother.

“My dad is planning on getting my mom a surprise. I’m excited about that,” she said. “The surprise is chocolate-covered strawberries. I know she likes both of those, so I know she will gobble them all up.”

Rhiannon Kaye, who celebrated her 8th birthday on Monday, is particularly fond of Valentine’s Day, since she was born so close to the day of love. She is going to be thinking of her friend Max.

“He’s my crush,” she blushed.



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