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Rescuer photo

Kyle Gregson, left, and Amber Suba, next to him, are reunited with the family they helped, after they saved two young girls who were in trouble in a Florida pool.

Courtesy of News 4 Jacksonville

Two former local residents have been all over the news in Florida in recent days for rescuing two children who couldn’t swim from a pool.

Kyle Gregson, who lived in Warrensburg and Schroon Lake, and Amber Suba, formerly of Hudson Falls, were credited with saving the lives of two children who were underwater in an apartment complex pool in Jacksonville one day last week.

They rescued two sisters, ages 8 and 9, one of whom had tried to aid the other in the pool’s deep end. The younger of the two girls nearly drowned, according to Florida media reports.

Gregson and Suba were interviewed by the Jacksonville NBC affiliate about their actions, and were reunited with the family they helped.

A link to the story can be found at or by clicking below.

— Don Lehman


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