QUEENSBURY — While some Toys R Us stores are closing on Friday, the Queensbury store finished its liquidation and closed for good on Tuesday night.

Workers said they had been directed to close earlier but stayed open an extra two days because they had not yet sold all of the remaining stock.

According to Capital Signs and Graphics, which provided the “going out of business” banners to the local Toys R Us stores, the Clifton Park and Wolf Road stores will close Friday.

On Wednesday, Capital Signs and Graphics was taking down the sale banners at the Queensbury store, while Toys R Us employees cleaned the interior of the store. Some said their last day will be Thursday.

It has been a long, painful six months for them.

In January, the company announced that the Queensbury store was among 182 stores that would likely be closed. But then the company renegotiated leases — and the Queensbury store got a reprieve. On Feb. 3, the store tweeted, “We’re staying open! Thank you to all our customers for their support.” But in early March, the company announced that all of its stores would close. That began the drawn-out liquidation sale that the employees had to suffer through until Tuesday.

Some employees stopped coming to work. Others showed up without uniforms in the last week, as morale fell.

Their store manager also left two months ago, they said, leaving other supervisors to handle the rest of the liquidation. The store had about 25 employees, both full- and part-time.

It opened in November 1996 in a building that had housed a Grand Union supermarket. That grocery store closed in 1995.

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