FORT ANN — Following the resignation of Todd Humiston, the town’s noise-ordinance officer, the town has gone nearly a month without sound tests on the ADK MX motorcross track.

“There’s nothing we can do until we are able to hire someone,” Supervisor Richard Moore said Wednesday. “We advertised, and we didn’t get any applications. We are going to have to advertise again.”

The ADK MX track, built last year by Jeremy Treadway, operated under a series of 12 conditions set last year by the Planning Board. A noise measurement is one of those requirements.

Humiston, who resigned for personal reasons, according to Moore, completed 20 sound tests on the second-year track this spring.

The tests are to determine whether the sound consistently increases more than 6 decibels at various sites when motorcycles are running on the track. That rule was one of a dozen stipulations the Planning Board put on the track.

Moore said the readings varied a great deal, depending on the time of day, whether there were leaves on the trees and how much background noise existed.

“The readings have come in above and below the 6 decibels,” Moore said. “One day it could be more noisy than another. It depends on the wind, whether there are leaves on the trees, and other issues. We need more data.”

At least one resident has asked why the town does not close the track, since some of the readings have come in at higher than a 6-decibel increase.

“That’s not how we do it. The first thing that would happen would not be to shut the track down,” he said. “We would need to talk to Jeremy Treadway and see if he could mitigate it.”

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