MOREAU — An abandoned house next to Toadflax Nursery is going to be partially demolished so the business can expand.

Rich Morris, owner of Toadflax Nursery on Route 9, is buying the property after it was cited for numerous code violations.

“The buildings will be torn down. That will be within the next month,” he said. “The main body of the house is in good shape, but the porches will be demolished.”

Cabins on the right side of the house appear to be open, full of junk and in poor condition.

They will be completely removed, Morris said.

A one-story apartment building in the back will remain.

“That’s in really good shape,” he said.

Morris hopes to use the space to open a retail store. He also wants to move his rock and mulch business to the site. For now, his customers must cross Route 9 to get those items in a parking lot next to the house that is his office.

“It’s a little bit dangerous,” he said. “I always wanted to move it back across the road.”

That’s the easy part. The store will require a lot of planning, he said. But he wants a store because certain items cannot be sold in a greenhouse.

Books fade and get damaged within months, he said.

In a greenhouse, he cannot reduce the heat and humidity to keep those items safe. But Toadflex is entirely greenhouses and outdoor areas.

“We’re trying to get to a point where we can put up a new store,” he said. “We’re talking about a store, restaurant, all inside.”

The sale isn’t final yet, but Supervisor Todd Kusnierz announced it recently in response to a resident’s repeated complaints about the code violations there.

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