FORT ANN — After 20 sound tests, town officials still want more done so they can evaluate whether ADK MX is following Planning Board rules.

The tests are to determine whether the sound consistently increases more than 6 decibels at various sites when motorcycles are running on the track. That rule was one of a dozen stipulations the Planning Board put on the track.

"The readings have come in above and below the 6 decibels," Town Supervisor Rich Moore said. "One day it could be more noisy than another. It depends on the wind, whether there are leaves on the trees, and other issues. We need more data."

Track owner Jeremy Treadway, who has been fairly consistent in his efforts to follow the 12 stipulations the Planning Board put on the track before he could open, feels the existing tests should be enough.

"They held a special meeting to discuss the sound tests, and all 20 of them basically they showed what we have know all along — the traffic is louder than the bikes," he said last week. "In some cases the birds were louder than the bikes."

Todd Humiston, who had been the testing officer for the town, resigned for personal reasons, according to Moore. Treadway, who owns the track and a house on the site of the former Country Meadows golf course, said he does not think the town needs to hire another person as is planned.

"It is a waste of the taxpayers' money," he said. "I just can’t believe after 20 tests the town is still going to hire someone and take more. It's almost like the test did not come back as they expected so let's keep digging until it does."

Moore said since the readings were not definitive, the Town Board feels it needs more testing.

The board also said if Treadway wants to build a proposed starting gate as part of the track, he will need to go back to the Planning Board for permission.

"He wanted to build a starting gate that would extend 150 feet back from the track itself," Moore said. "The motorcycles would start there, circle the track, then start. But it is 60 feet wide, and it is not part of the track as proposed, so he would need to go to the Planning Board."

The most recent Town Board regular meeting, not the special meeting to discuss the sound tests, drew about 150 people, most of them supporting the track, Moore said.

A small but insistent number of neighbors still oppose the track and call Moore every day the track runs to report the noise. 

If Treadway does go back to the Planning Board, some town officials expect the track's opponents will bring up other issues.

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