SOUTH GLENS FALLS — In many ways, Allie Myott has been helping prepare for South High Marathon Dances since she was born.

Her father, Tom Myott, has been an adviser of the dance for years and Allie remembers hanging out in her dad’s art room and exploring the dance as an elementary and middle schooler, an experience that left a lasting impression.

“Being a fifth grader and during all the middle school years we were able to dance for an hour,” Myott said. “It really made me want to become one of those dancers and a chairperson and it’s been a lifetime goal.”

Now serving as a student chairperson for the third time, Myott and one of her eight co-chairs, Kassi Cook, said this year’s experience will be bitter-sweet.

Cook and Myott are seniors this year and the dance will be their last as participants before moving into supporting roles as alumni, a factor that has played a huge motivating factor in making the 42nd Marathon Dance the best it can be.

Both said the many meetings and committees leading up to this week have been draining, but all the planning means they haven’t been super stressed in days leading up to the dance.

“We’re actually really ahead of schedule this year,” Cook said, “And it’s really nice because there’s not too much more that we can do in the current moment.”

The chair committee used the recent week-long school break to craft many of the decorations that will be on display, working from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. or later according to Cook.

Cook and Myott said with more than 800 students participating this year, getting everything together has been a challenge, but nothing they weren’t ready to handle.

Myott blueprints

South High art teacher and Marathon Dance Supervisor Tom Myott shows off blueprints and sketches on Tuesday at South Glens Falls High School. His class designed props and decorations for this year's dance which will be held on Friday and Saturday at the high school.

This year’s theme is “Arcade” and Marathon Dance Adviser Tom Myott has been hard at work with his students on many of the props that will be on display this year.

“Hot glue, paper and paint,” Tom said. “That’s all this stuff is and it’s amazing what these students come up with.”

Myott said this year the ideas for each decoration have been developed by the New Media program in an effort to give students more control over the final product. Students decided what they wanted to construct, made blueprints for each piece and worked together to build everything that will be on display this year.

“The creative problem solving for the students is something that’s been missing,” Myott said, “Because in the past it’s been us telling them what to rather than letting them figure it out.”

Cook said although there is always excitement around the event it was important not to forget its purpose, and helping people from the community in need is the top priority.

Cook has had family members receive assistance in the past and many of the recipients this year have close ties to the South Glens Falls area.

“It’s awesome seeing how we can help students families that are inside the school,” Cook said, “But then also reaching outside of our community or outside of our state to help people that are in need is really great.”

dance practice

Allie Myott and Kassi Cook lead a class practice of a dance routine for this weekends 42nd annual South High Marathon Dance. 

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Samuel Northrop is the education reporter for The Post-Star. He can be reached at snorthrop@poststar.com.


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