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QUEENSBURY — It used to be that every Highway Department had one employee who knew the location of every buried pipe and the size of every culvert.

Now there’s a computer.

Queensbury is buying software to keep track of more than 3,000 culverts in the town.

Using Municity DPW, workers can use GPS coordinates to locate any area that needs work. They can stand at the location, open the software on a tablet, and it will automatically register their exact location as they type in a work order.

The system also uses existing mapping so that every culvert, streetlight and other asset is located. When a worker gets a complaint and begins a work order, the system will immediately say whether a work order for that location has already been created.

Eventually, residents will also be able to make complaints online. The system allows the town to automatically text or email residents when a crew has been assigned to the problem and when it has been fixed.

The Town Board is only buying the initial software at this time. Later, it may buy iPads so highway workers can connect to the software in the field, Supervisor John Strough said.

He was most enthusiastic about the system’s ability to track culverts. It can log when each culvert was last inspected, when it needs to be inspected next, and ongoing maintenance, he said.

The Town Board approved the purchase for $18,920 and will consider buying tablets in the future for the highway workers.

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