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Hadlock Pond Dam

Shown is the rebuilt Hadlock Pond Dam in 2007.

Post-Star file photo

FORT ANN  The leak in Hadlock Pond Dam discovered over the winter was “very minor,” according to Supervisor Richard Moore, and it has been repaired.

The contractor, Keyson Pipeline Inspection of Queensbury, started the work to stop the leak on April 28, Moore said. The liquid being used wasn’t setting up fast enough at first, but the contractor and engineer came back the next day and added an accelerant, which stopped the leak.

The cost of the repair was $2,950.

The leak was in the drop inlet structure, which is made up of segments of precast concrete embedded within the upstream slope of the dam.

Moore went back out May 2.

“During the inspection of the work done, it appeared the wall where the work was done may be wet. There wasn’t any sign of a leak,” Moore said. “I spoke with the engineer, and he said to keep inspecting the structure each day to see if a leak was present.”

Moore said he checked the wall again Wednesday, but rain made it difficult to tell if moisture was present.

“The decision was made that they would return on Thursday to inspect the work done and do any necessary work needed. There wasn’t any sign of a leak Thursday, but they did add some more liquid.

“I spoke with the engineer (Friday) afternoon and he told me he wouldn’t be surprised if the wall was damp due to some capillary moisture,” Moore added.

The engineering inspection was done by Mark Brownstein of Haley & Aldrich.

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