SCHUYLERVILLE — The Republicans are back on the ballot, under a new party name.

All three Republicans running for Village Board seats had to file independent petitions after they made a filing mistake earlier this month.

They filed the results of their caucus four days too late, so the Republican Party officially will have no candidates on the March 19 ballot.

Undeterred, they went out on foot and collected 110 signatures to get on the ballot under an independent party name. They had to work through a snowstorm, but they got it done.

All three will appear under the party name Ethics for Schuylerville.

They received support from Republicans and Democrats, who wanted to help them get back on the ballot after the technical error.

“People believe in free and fair elections,” said Republican Village Board member Jason Young, who is running for re-election. “We got 110 signatures in three days.”

He added that once in office, both sides work together.

“We actually work as a great team,” he said. “But we need all sides at the table.”

Young, who runs Clark’s Steakhouse, said the team needs private business owners like him to help ensure the village develops in the right way.

Young is deputy mayor. Also seeking re-election on the Ethics party line are fellow board member Robert Petralia and former board member Whitney Colvin.

Running for the Democrats are board member Timothy LeBaron, who was appointed to a seat and now is running for a four-year term; Stuart Woodley; and Diana Coffinger Martindale.

Three seats are up for election on March 19. Two will be for a four-year term. The other seat will be for a two-year term, finishing former board member Nicole Proctor’s term. Proctor resigned because she was moving to Corinth. Her husband took a job there.

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