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Sandy Hill Days

Riders on a rotating swing celebrated the opening day of Sandy Hill Days last September in Hudson Falls.

HUDSON FALLS — There will be a 32nd year for Sandy Hill Days.

The village’s annual event, which includes concerts, a carnival and other events at Paris and Juckett parks, will go on, according to Lynn Stockwell-Chase, president of the event, which takes place the weekend after Labor Day.

In February, Stockwell-Chase said that, since many of the members of the event’s organizing committee were 75 or older, it needed new members or it would not be able to put the event on this year.

“The reason that we are able to carry on is that we have several new people that joined the committee and seem to be very interested in working along with the original members to keep Sandy Hill Days going,” Stockwell-Chase said. “We had a large turnout at our meeting and a few of them filled out applications and decided to join the committee.”

Keeping the event going is important for the village, which is going through a renaissance of sorts, with the Strand Theatre re-opening, Phoenix Rising trying to get the former Washington County courthouse open as a restaurant and community gathering place, and other redevelopment going on in town.

“I am thrilled it is happening,” said William Nikas of Hudson Falls Phoenix Rising, which is involved in several of the downtown projects.

“It’s great that they are bringing some new energy to Sandy Hill Days. It was key to get new people involved,” said Village Trustee Robert Cook.

“I think it’s great, because there has been quite a turnover, and it’s important to keep Sandy Hill Days going,” said Mayor John Barton.

The event is a fundraiser for community projects, and last year raised $4,850 that was donated back into the community.

A total of $3,500 in scholarships went out to graduating Hudson Falls High School students, and $1,350 was split among Operation Santa Claus, Tri-County Marine Corps League Toys for Tots and Boy Scouts Troop 56.

The committee is still looking for people who are available to help with the event. That availability, Stockwell-Chase said, would include being able to set up the Thursday after Labor Day, help run the event Friday and Saturday and clean up on Sunday.

For more information, go to the Sandy Hall Days page on Facebook, or write to

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