QUEENSBURY — The town is working with Glens Falls to get its greenhouse gas inventories done for a fraction of the cost some predicted months ago.

Glens Falls has a $43,500 state grant to do its municipal and community greenhouse gas inventories, as well as its climate action plans for the government and community.

The inventories are important because they determine the baseline. Then, the municipalities can measure how much they reduce their greenhouse gas emissions as they take actions recommended in their climate action plans. The goal is to fight climate change, which is speeding up. Experts say the world has just 12 years left to soften the worst environmental blows from climate change.

In a climate action grant application, the city said it would work with the town. Collaborations earn more points and increase the chance of winning a grant.

A successful partnership could also increase the odds of getting another grant, Glens Falls consultant Jeffrey Flagg said.

The two municipalities hope to work together to maximize NYSERDA’s technical support, which may reduce their municipal greenhouse gas inventory cost to $1,250 each.

The community greenhouse gas inventory may cost each another $3,000.

The climate action plans would cost Glens Falls $20,000 — paid mostly through the grant — and Queensbury could join in for a discounted price of about $14,000.

“By doing them together with us, they’re already saving money,” Flagg said.

And the city may leverage the grant to cover some of Queensbury’s costs, as well.

“Queensbury will have to pay a small amount of money,” Flagg said. “They’re probably talking about thousands of dollars, not tens of thousands.”

The city is in talks with Climate Associates, which may be hired to perform the work this summer.

Queensbury Supervisor John Strough announced the partnership Monday at a Town Board meeting.

“We may go in with Glens Falls on a grant for the greenhouse gas inventory,” he said. “They might be able to share with Queensbury.”

This was welcome news to the board, which was warned in February about the potential high cost of the inventory.

Resident Travis Whitehead, who is running for Town Board, criticized the board for not budgeting the expense before signing the We Are Still In pledge. He told them not to do a halfhearted job, but to take it seriously.

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