Timothy McAuely

Timothy McAuely, board chairman and chief executive manager of Consulting for Health, Air, Nature & a Greener Environment, gives a talk about air quality on Feb. 1 at The Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls. 

A Queensbury-based environmental consulting firm has been honored for its work by the Climate Change Business Journal, a publication of Environmental Business International.

Consulting for Health, Air, Nature & a Greener Environment, led by Timothy McAuely, was awarded the journal’s “Project Merit: Renewable Energy Policy Advocacy and Development” award, according to a news release.

McAuely’s firm was chosen for its policy work in 2018 with the American Heart Association. The national nonprofit group is developing a renewable portfolio standard to address air quality and improve people’s health, which it hopes will be adopted across the country.

McAuely conducted policy research and created a final report to guide the association’s “advocacy efforts as it works with key partners, agencies and stakeholders at all levels of government to contribute to the adoption of renewable energy,” according to a news release.

“Under Dr. McAuely’s leadership, CHANGE (Consulting for Health, Air, Nature & a Greener Environment) and its partners are forging real progress toward increasing the use of renewable energy and improving air quality nationwide,” said Mark Schoeberl, executive vice president of advocacy at the American Heart Association, in an email. “Addressing air quality is a critical component of the American Heart Association’s mission to be a relentless force for better health and longer lives worldwide.”

Awards will be presented at the Environmental Industry Summit XVII at the end of March in San Diego.

“I am really proud of this award as it is extremely competitive and noteworthy,” McAuely said in an email.

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