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Crime & Courts

Crime & Courts

WILTON — Two women from Moreau were arrested Monday in connection with a claim they made about a possible child abduction at a local store, police said.

The two claimed that they witnessed an attempted child abduction Saturday afternoon at the Walmart store on Old Gick Road, according to the Saratoga County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff Michael Zurlo said the women reported to police that they were in the store when another shopper tried to take a shopping cart in which a child who was with them was sitting.

“They alleged someone tried to grab a kid who was with them in a shopping cart,” the sheriff said.

When they returned home after shopping, one of the women posted on social media about the allegations, and the outcry resulted in police being called about an hour after the supposed abduction. The women gave police written statements about what they claim occurred.

Zurlo said officers reviewed surveillance videos and interviewed people in the store and determined there was no attempted abduction. The women did not accuse someone they knew.

Sheriff’s officers charged the women with misdemeanor counts of falsely reporting an incident and making a false written statement. They were identified as Jennifer A. Gray, 26, and Cassidy A. Gary, 19, police said.

Police said the women did not explain why they made the false report, but Zurlo said their false claims spread quickly on social media and police wanted to allay fears that an abduction attempt had actually occurred.

Both were released, pending prosecution in Wilton Town Court.

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