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When the bus reviews are glowing, the school is easygoing. Well, Granville would hope that to be true.

The district’s transportation department scored 100 percent from the New York State Department of Transportation for vehicle inspections from April 1, 2017, to March 31, 2018, the district reported. That means none of the 27 vehicles in the fleet were deemed out of service, or OOS, due to one or more OOS defects. Things that can fail a vehicle are as minute as a defroster fan not working on all speeds.

Granville Transportation Supervisor Tyler Kelly started at the district in December 2014. He aimed to improve the district’s ratings.

“The 15.2 percent increase in two years is a huge accomplishment,” Kelly told the district.

Kelly complemented his co-workers, Edward Kyea (the head mechanic) and Leonard Reed (a driver and mechanic), for their assistance in getting a high score.

“It took a great deal of time and effort to get the vehicles that transport our students to where they need to be,” Kelly said in a news release. “All of us here have a great deal of passion and pride in our work to ensure that each and every vehicle we send on the road every day is the safest vehicle that our students will ride in. They are our number one priority at the end of every day.”

— Andrew David Kuczkowski

Actor appreciation

Actor Sid Solomon, the star of the Adirondack Theatre Festival’s play “The Jedi Handbook,” is staying with a host family on Coolidge Avenue in Glens Falls.

The Brooklyn-born actor has enjoyed walking to the Charles R. Wood Theater every day and running in Cole’s Woods at 7:30 a.m. four days a week.

“A suspiciously large number of bugs have flown directly into my mouth while running in all parts of Glens Falls,” Solomon laughed. “Like way more than I’m used to in New York City.”

His co-star, Sam Kebede, who has been staying with a family in Hidden Hills in Queensbury, prides himself on knowing the area streets like Maple and Dixon.

“I’m about as Glens Falls as it gets,” he boasted after rehearsal Tuesday.

Kebede said locals have been staring at him on the street.

“It isn’t because of the Afro,” he said. “It’s because they’re like, ‘Wow, he’s so Glens Falls.’ ”

— Gretta Hochsprung

A winning design

Ticonderoga Elementary School fifth-grader George Knapp has won the Lake George Association’s 10th annual bookmark design contest.

The theme was “Clean Streams, Happy Lake.”

Knapp’s bookmark has been distributed to schools and libraries and to visitors centers in Lake George, Bolton and Ticonderoga. It will also be available at the association’s offices. Knapp was also awarded a certificate.

His bookmark was one of 234 entries from seven schools in the area. It is open to grades four through seven.

“Every year we look forward to seeing the creativity of the artists throughout our elementary and middle schools,” said Kristen Wilde, the association’s director of education, in a news release. “We are pleased to partner with the town and village of Lake George with this creative way to get students to be thinking about protecting Lake George’s water quality.”

Gwendolyn Craig


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