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On the street locally, Trump has fans, Hillary gets groans

On the street locally, Trump has fans, Hillary gets groans

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If the 22 people interviewed on the streets of Lake George and in Glens Falls City Park are any indication, Donald Trump is headed for the White House.

Here’s the tally: Donald Trump, 11; Hillary Clinton, 5; and the undecideds or totally disgusted with these two choices, 6.

“I don’t like either of them. I’ll write you in,” Amy Rainwater of Queensbury said to a reporter as she soaked up the sun and tunes in City Park during the weekly Out to Lunch event. “And you can write that I’m embarrassed with the choices.”

While her sentiments were shared by a few others, half of those interviewed Tuesday said they’d support Trump — some fervently — while some said they like him as the lesser of two evils.

“Even if he’s wrong, he doesn’t change his mind. He sticks with what he believes,” said Carl Rizzo of Rochester, who was vacationing in Lake George and said he was a Trump fan.

“Plus he doesn’t sugarcoat anything,” his wife Lisa Rizzo added.

Twenty-year-old Jessica Morehouse of Warrensburg also will be voting for Trump. The Lake George village worker said she is a big supporter of his plans, like building a wall between Mexico and the United States.

“I think Hillary Clinton is going to kill us. She’s not strong enough to handle all the foreign stuff,” she said.

Ron Bergeron, from Connecticut, will vote for Trump, in part because of homeland security issues. He said he feels Trump is better suited to keep terrorists out of the country.

“Plus, he’s a proven businessman and the politicians we have in now aren’t doing enough,” he said, as his wife Paula nodded in agreement.

Steven and Ann Williams of Glens Falls, seated on a bench in City Park, cited Trump’s ability to handle national security and ISIS and felt he was better poised to improve the country overall.

“He wants to make America great again. It’s not great now,” Ann Williams said.

But three women vacationing together in Lake George — from Utica, the state of Florida and Liverpool, New York respectively — couldn’t agree at all. Elizabeth Paul said she will write in someone else, Jean Lee said she’ll vote for Trump “while holding up her nose because the other alternative is untenable,” and Laura Palmer will vote for Clinton.

“I’m afraid Trump is just too irrational. I like his financial aspects, but I fear for the country with all the nuclear weapons that he’d get angry and push the button,” Palmer said.

And while Clinton had her supporters, none gushed about her the way some of the Trump supporters did for him.

Cie McCullough of Queensbury groaned and took a lengthy pause before saying she’d likely vote for Clinton. But she likes Bernie Sanders a lot more and seemed hopeful he somehow still might end up on the ballot.

Debra Meier also agonized before uttering the word “Hillary.”

“Not because I like her, but because I like Trump a lot less,” she said.

Meier, like others interviewed, said she wishes there were better choices.

“Of all the intelligent, amazing people we have in this country,” she said, “and this is the best we got?”


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