FORT ANN — It didn’t take long for the Town Board to deny the West Fort Ann Volunteer Fire Company’s wishes on Wednesday during a special meeting.

The company’s leaders went before the board over a week ago, asking to build three new bays for no more than $475,000 at their current location on Joe Greene Road because they’ve outgrown their current space.

Board members felt the firefighters weren’t prepared at the first meeting, because they lacked specifics on a financial plan as well as how to go about the approval process with the Adirondack Park Agency.

Board members felt firefighters were still unprepared on Wednesday, because they haven’t sought out bids on the project and did not bring paperwork from the architect who gave them an estimate for it.

After half an hour, the board voted unanimously against the project.

Firefighter Dave DeLor said he isn’t sure what the company will do now.

“It’s not up to me alone. We’ll all have to talk about it,” he said after the meeting.

“The board wants us to do things backwards,” he said.

Firefighters didn’t want to proceed with their plans and pay for necessary property surveying and get the approval from the APA if the Town Board was going to end up voting against the project. The survey work could cost up to $22,000.

Town Supervisor Richie Moore didn’t want to approve the project before hearing from the APA. Spending money on a project that might not be approved by the APA would be a waste, he said.

The fire company was required to have the board, “approve the issuance of tax exempt funds to the Fire Company,” according to the resolution the firefighters proposed.

DeLor said, because of the board’s denial, their plans will be set back and they could lose their financial offers from the bank.

In January, the fire company was approved for a construction loan of up to $475,000 from The Bank of Greene County.

“We needed approval,” DeLor said, of the board’s role in the project. “They missed the point.”

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