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SUNY Adirondack names Dean’s List

QUEENSBURY — SUNY Adirondack announced the Dean’s List for the spring of 2018. Each student maintained a grade point average of 3.20 or higher for six or more credits in the spring semester to qualify. Local students include:

Aidan Christy of Argyle;

Rebecca Clearwater of Argyle;

Tracy Constantine of Argyle;

Nikki Dolphin of Argyle;

Jacob Flower of Argyle;

Nathan Leise of Argyle;

Caitlyn Miller of Argyle;

Whitney Monroe of Argyle;

Maya Phillips of Argyle;

Jacob Wood of Argyle;

Savannah Mosher of Athol;

Ceshele Powell of Bolton Landing;

Nishka Powell of Bolton Landing;

Rolf Ronning of Bolton Landing;

Brandon Merriman of Cambridge;

John Wooddell of Cambridge;

Mariah Campbell of Chestertown;

Amber Gillia of Chestertown;

Parker Hamblin of Chestertown;

Timothy Hanaburgh of Chestertown;

Kateryna Otruba of Chestertown;

Samantha Rogers of Chestertown;

Kathleen Skellie of Chestertown;

Felicia Washington of Chestertown;

Katelyn Smith of Comstock;

Ashley Baer of Corinth;

Shauna Baker of Corinth;

Rebecca Barnes of Corinth;

Timothy Burt of Corinth;

Regan Clay of Corinth;

Carolyn Daly of Corinth;

Cheyenne Dingman of Corinth;

Taylor Farnsworth of Corinth;

Naomi Garrah of Corinth;

Erica Gill of Corinth;

Justine Hull of Corinth;

Emily Jackson of Corinth;

MacKenna MacGregor of Corinth;

Karina Medina-Oquendo of Corinth;

Samantha Moore of Corinth;

Cassidy Morganstern of Corinth;

Simon Morganstern of Corinth;

Thomas Ouimet of Corinth;

Taylor Ovitt of Corinth;

Paige Pincheon of Corinth;

Kari Turcott of Corinth;

Sara Turcott of Corinth;

Michaela Walsh of Corinth;

Kahli Weatherwax of Corinth;

Morgan Winslow of Corinth;

Leah Chiriboga of Diamond Point;

Courtney McGarr of Diamond Point;

Cora Jordan of Fort Ann;

Nicholas Lehoisky of Fort Ann;

Danika Mulcahy of Fort Ann;

Amber Rojcewicz of Fort Ann;

Rosemarie Stanley of Fort Ann;

Demi Stockman of Fort Ann;

Mercedes Yole of Fort Ann;

Dawn Bogardus of Fort Edward;

Christopher Brooks of Fort Edward;

Emily Caivano of Fort Edward;

Sean Conroy of Fort Edward;

Samuel Dickenson of Fort Edward;

Julie Everson of Fort Edward;

Tanner Flores of Fort Edward;

John Godfrey of Fort Edward;

William Green of Fort Edward;

Amanda Hernandez of Fort Edward;

Samantha Hurt of Fort Edward;

Samantha Kilmer of Fort Edward;

Jenna Leskovec of Fort Edward;

Michaella Lum of Fort Edward;

Deneen Macleod of Fort Edward;

Tyler MacNeil of Fort Edward;

Brandon Mercier of Fort Edward;

Teresa Miller of Fort Edward;

Jamie Murphy of Fort Edward;

Nicholas Mykins of Fort Edward;

Jeana Reed of Fort Edward;

Kaicey Sandina of Fort Edward;

Kaylee Seeley of Fort Edward;

Shirley Sheckler of Fort Edward;

Alexandria Stimpson of Fort Edward;

Kaylee Wilson of Fort Edward;

Michayla Winkelman of Fort Edward;

Rory Beaudet of Gansevoort;

Benjamin Burke of Gansevoort;

Victoria Cramer of Gansevoort;

Sean D’Annibale of Gansevoort;

Sarah Daignault of Gansevoort;

Tyler DeFoe of Gansevoort;

Trent Delor of Gansevoort;

Katie Dingley of Gansevoort;

Jorden Ferrier of Gansevoort;

Jacob Gebo of Gansevoort;

Matthew Gunther of Gansevoort;

Brian Halligan of Gansevoort;

Brianna Hammond of Gansevoort;

Jordan Hayes of Gansevoort;

Hannah Kindl of Gansevoort;

Mary Laniewski of Gansevoort;

Alexandra Lynch of Gansevoort;

Marx Spencer of Gansevoort;

Sarah McConkey of Gansevoort;

Gregory McFarlane of Gansevoort;

Sera Miller of Gansevoort;

Amanda Muller of Gansevoort;

Joshua Nielson of Gansevoort;

Megan Niles of Gansevoort;

Caitlin Nolan of Gansevoort;

Daniel Prager of Gansevoort;

Parker Reid of Gansevoort;

Erica Rescott of Gansevoort;

Rebecca Rivers of Gansevoort;

Amber Robinson of Gansevoort;

Shaina Roe of Gansevoort;

Meagan Sanger of Gansevoort;

Sydney Schaeffer of Gansevoort;

Tama Schermerhorn of Gansevoort;

William Shelefka of Gansevoort;

Nigeria Smith of Gansevoort;

Shannan Smith of Gansevoort;

Alexis Sweenor of Gansevoort;

Kaitlyn Thompson of Gansevoort;

Savannah Torebka of Gansevoort;

Leiahna Torres of Gansevoort;

Daniel Ure of Gansevoort;

Michael Whittam of Gansevoort;

Bryce Beaty of Glens Falls;

Cynthia Brennan of Glens Falls;

Katrina Briggs of Glens Falls;

Rachel Brodeur of Glens Falls;

Kristopher Brunelle of Glens Falls;

Kevin Campopiano of Glens Falls;

Sean Casey of Glens Falls;

Cassidy Clapper of Glens Falls;

Emma Coyner of Glens Falls;

Jonathan Crouch of Glens Falls;

Amanda Delaney of Glens Falls;

Haleigh Diaz of Glens Falls;

Kaylie Dumont of Glens Falls;

Ashley Eldred of Glens Falls;

Marissa Ferguson of Glens Falls;

Heather Fredericks of Glens Falls;

Melanie Ganter of Glens Falls;

Stephanie Hansen of Glens Falls;

John Hauser of Glens Falls;

Benjamin Jenks of Glens Falls;

Zachary Keyes of Glens Falls;

Stephen Mann of Glens Falls;

Kevin McKinney of Glens Falls;

Patrick Millett of Glens Falls;

Lacie Morgan of Glens Falls;

Alexander Morris of Glens Falls;

Joseph Nichols of Glens Falls;

Nova Nusskern of Glens Falls;

Gina Olcott of Glens Falls;

Katelyn Osborne of Glens Falls;

Katlyn Potter of Glens Falls;

Emily Record of Glens Falls;

Jesse Santos of Glens Falls;

Caitlin Savio of Glens Falls;

Jennifer Sexton of Glens Falls;

Lisa Utsett of Glens Falls;

Erika Williams of Glens Falls;

Jasmine Andrus of Granville;

Tristian Baker of Granville;

Raven Bardin of Granville;

Trace Bourn of Granville;

Devon Clark of Granville;

Alexis DeCristofaro of Granville;

Abigail Gordon of Granville;

Hannah Lennox of Granville;

Ashley McCarthy of Granville;

Abigail Roy-Raia of Granville;

Alexis Smith of Granville;

Jacqueline Wallace of Granville;

Kerianne Yarson of Granville;

Sean Allard of Greenfield Center;

Kyleigh Cohan of Greenfield Center;

Angela Dauphinais of Greenfield Center;

Heather Fiacco of Greenfield Center;

Tyler Girvin of Greenfield Center;

Nicholas Harrick of Greenfield Center;

Tammie Kahl of Greenfield Center;

Sierra Rumpf of Greenfield Center;

Ashley St. Louis of Greenfield Center;

Mikayla Tougas of Greenfield Center;

Victoria Trerise of Greenfield Center;

Zyler Woolley of Greenfield Center;

Phillip Anderson of Greenwich;

Jennifer Benedict of Greenwich;

Kayla Bibee of Greenwich;

Kristin Irish of Greenwich;

Jessica Jenks of Greenwich;

Jack Russo of Greenwich;

Hunter Smith of Greenwich;

Laura Strasswimmer of Greenwich;

James Telesco of Greenwich;

Melissa Astafiev of Hadley;

Randi Branch of Hadley;

Whitney Lindblade of Hadley;

Rachael Mahoney of Hadley;

Vivienne Saunders of Hadley;

Vasilios Stathopoulos of Hadley;

Jeanette Coon of Hague;

Creid Johnson of Hampton;

Bianca Martin of Hartford;

Shelby Allen of Hudson Falls;

Ryan Anderson of Hudson Falls;

Sabrina Backus of Hudson Falls;

Lisa Baurle of Hudson Falls;

Andrea Brouillette of Hudson Falls;

Brett Christian of Hudson Falls;

Amanda Chrysler of Hudson Falls;

Michael Dawley of Hudson Falls;

Nikayla Dejnozka of Hudson Falls;

Jessica Dewitt of Hudson Falls;

Edward Dieckert of Hudson Falls;

Sharon Fagan of Hudson Falls;

Jessica Fenton of Hudson Falls;

Alyssa Fountaine of Hudson Falls;

Jessica Gillespie of Hudson Falls;

Ivan Griego of Hudson Falls;

Holly Guirard of Hudson Falls;

Susan Hafner of Hudson Falls;

Scott Hair of Hudson Falls;

Caitlin Isachsen of Hudson Falls;

Caitlin Johnson of Hudson Falls;

Chris Maldonado of Hudson Falls;

Ariona Mallory of Hudson Falls;

Kevin Martin of Hudson Falls;

Eric McHenry of Hudson Falls;

Ethan Mckee of Hudson Falls;

Brianna McKinney of Hudson Falls;

Necola Messina of Hudson Falls;

Hong T. Nguyen of Hudson Falls;

Kristofer Paton of Hudson Falls;

Isabela Perroncino of Hudson Falls;

Caitlin Petersen of Hudson Falls;

James Powers of Hudson Falls;

Molly Ritter of Hudson Falls;

Jordan Sheldon of Hudson Falls;

Kevin Strainer of Hudson Falls;

Jenny Streeter of Hudson Falls;

Catherine Thomson of Hudson Falls;

Hunter Tyminski of Hudson Falls;

Leslie Vazquez of Hudson Falls;

Sara York of Hudson Falls;

Mathew Moffitt of Johnsburg;

SunnieLee Tucker of Johnsburg;

Amanda Brantes of Lake George;

Noah Brumagen of Lake George;

Emmaline Donnelly of Lake George;

Cody Emfinger of Lake George;

Krista Fischler of Lake George;

Clare Gillman of Lake George;

Lauren Grover of Lake George;

Brittany Carmel Harwood of Lake George;

Alexis Koenig of Lake George;

Lindsey Kylloe of Lake George;

Madison LaFond of Lake George;

Shane Lenihan of Lake George;

Kathleen Lujbli of Lake George;

Patrick Mellon of Lake George;

Patrick Morey of Lake George;

Sydney Russell of Lake George;

Shannon Baker of Lake Luzerne;

Kyleen Ellis of Lake Luzerne;

Casey Hayes of Lake Luzerne;

Pearl Howie of Lake Luzerne;

Taylor Necatera of Lake Luzerne;

Kelsey O’Driscoll of Lake Luzerne;

Vernon Potter of Lake Luzerne;

Julia Spelter of Lake Luzerne;

Lucan Bannon of Middle Granville;

Lauren Bucciero of Middle Granville;

Sarah Roberts of Middle Grove;

Caleb Ruhm of Middle Grove;

Meranda Allen of Newcomb;

Gillian Hayden of North Creek;

Stephanie McLain of North Creek;

Gabrielle McNally of North Creek;

Moses Mulvey of North Creek;

Stephen Viele of North Creek;

Joshua Carpenito of Porter Corners;

David Kramer of Porter Corners;

John McKnight of Porter Corners;

Brandon Thornton of Porter Corners;

Bethany Zapp of Porter Corners;

Jessica Rounds of Pottersville;

Nicholas St. Denis of Putnam Station;

Melissa Allen of Queensbury;

Anna Amrock of Queensbury;

Linda Anderson of Queensbury;

Kristen Arnold of Queensbury;

Alexey Bakhtin-Bibikov of Queensbury;

Laura Barber of Queensbury;

Maryssa Barber of Queensbury;

Berlyn Barboza of Queensbury;

Karly Benjamin of Queensbury;

Parker Berding of Queensbury;

Helen Betz of Queensbury;

Kylee Brand of Queensbury;

Meagan Brownell of Queensbury;

Lexi Butler of Queensbury;

Joshua Cameron of Queensbury;

Anthony Caradonna of Queensbury;

Brianna Casey of Queensbury;

Christopher Chambers of Queensbury;

Aaron Cook of Queensbury;

Taylor Cook of Queensbury;

Gregory Crawford of Queensbury;

Ariel Cruz of Queensbury;

Kiersten DeCanio of Queensbury;

Danele Delsignore of Queensbury;

Brandon Demarsh of Queensbury;

Johnathon Dennett of Queensbury;

Ruth Durling of Queensbury;

Luke Ely of Queensbury;

Timothy French of Queensbury;

Samantha Fuller of Queensbury;

Alison Giordano of Queensbury;

Janice Grice of Queensbury;

Danika Hamer of Queensbury;

Kevin Haux of Queensbury;

Wayne Hayes of Queensbury;

Patricia Heslin of Queensbury;

Nichole Hoffman of Queensbury;

Jennifer Hoover of Queensbury;

Warren Hughes of Queensbury;

Natashya Hyrny of Queensbury;

Rion Incramona of Queensbury;

Emma Joseph of Queensbury;

Adrianna Jurek of Queensbury;

Thomas Jurek of Queensbury;

Ciara Karanikas of Queensbury;

Jordan Keagy of Queensbury;

Alana Keane of Queensbury;

Laura Kenyon of Queensbury;

Rosemarie King of Queensbury;

Curtis Knoop of Queensbury;

Mary Laluna of Queensbury;

Amanda Lewis of Queensbury;

Angelina Loubriel of Queensbury;

Maria Loveland of Queensbury;

Mary Magner of Queensbury;

Olivia Martindale of Queensbury;

Deanna Mathewson of Queensbury;

Brooke Matte of Queensbury;

Megan McCane of Queensbury;

Nicholas McCarthy of Queensbury;

Shelley McCarthy of Queensbury;

Aaron McDermott of Queensbury;

Cailyn McWain of Queensbury;

Kerry Meehl of Queensbury;

Sherri Metcalfe of Queensbury;

Katherine Miele of Queensbury;

Zenla Morrell of Queensbury;

Jayson Mullen of Queensbury;

Jeremy Naussner of Queensbury;

Janna Nolan of Queensbury;

Matthew Oleynek of Queensbury;

Mabel Oppong of Queensbury;

Erik Pierce of Queensbury;

Michael Podolsky of Queensbury;

Andrea Porter of Queensbury;

Anne Porton of Queensbury;

Zachary Potter of Queensbury;

William Provost of Queensbury;

Emily Rainwater of Queensbury;

Alexander Reynolds of Queensbury;

Chelsey Root of Queensbury;

Nicholas Rouse of Queensbury;

Jarod Sampson of Queensbury;

Amy Scicutella of Queensbury;

Melissa Scotto-Lavino of Queensbury;

Amanda Semmel of Queensbury;

Mackenzie Shutts of Queensbury;

Courtney Smith of Queensbury;

Michael Smith of Queensbury;

Christopher Stimpson of Queensbury;

Sierra Strong of Queensbury;

Erik Szewczyk of Queensbury;

Sara Tarraran-Casella of Queensbury;

Eryn Taylor of Queensbury;

Jennifer Tripi of Queensbury;

Peris Tushabe of Queensbury;

Ericka Wadleigh of Queensbury;

Vickie Waters of Queensbury;

Ryan Waxman of Queensbury;

Connor Wiggins of Queensbury;

Robyn Wilk of Queensbury;

Joshua Willis of Queensbury;

Brett Wilson of Queensbury;

Kyle Wornall of Queensbury;

Jessica young of Queensbury;

Liang Dong Zhang of Queensbury;

Marcus Lefebvre of Rouses Point;

Jacqulyn Fry of Salem;

Chelsey Horner of Salem;

Kimberly Taylor of Salem;

Connor Worthington of Salem;

Alexis DeZalia of Schroon Lake;

Paige Willard of Schroon Lake;

Ashley Bacilio of Schuylerville;

Logan Barber of Schuylerville;

Drew Barbolt of Schuylerville;

Tara Letzring of Schuylerville;

Kimberly Little of Schuylerville;

Shauna Monroe of Schuylerville;

Benjamin Phillips of Schuylerville;

Lisa Steen of Schuylerville;

Kayla Zdonick of Schuylerville;

Leandra Allen of South Glens Falls;

Marriah Allen Pina of South Glens Falls;

Alyssa Bell of South Glens Falls;

Mason Blanck of South Glens Falls;

Brittany Breault of South Glens Falls;

Joshua Bullard of South Glens Falls;

Tiffany Burch of South Glens Falls;

Christopher Burkett of South Glens Falls;

Daniel Buttino of South Glens Falls;

Alison Campney of South Glens Falls;

Theresa Cantz of South Glens Falls;

Zachard Chandler of South Glens Falls;

Kayla Cooper of South Glens Falls;

Alexander Frederick of South Glens Falls;

Bella Gamache of South Glens Falls;

Arielle Gibeault of South Glens Falls;

Samantha Hamelin of South Glens Falls;

Iris Hess of South Glens Falls;

Benjamin Hogan of South Glens Falls;

Jennifer Kirk of South Glens Falls;

Nicole Laing of South Glens Falls;

Noah McLean of South Glens Falls;

Paige Moore of South Glens Falls;

Tashina Moulton of South Glens Falls;

Sonya Onyx of South Glens Falls;

Jamie Palmer of South Glens Falls;

Thomas Purkey of South Glens Falls;

Breanna Seagraves of South Glens Falls;

Rebekah Simpson of South Glens Falls;

Nicholas Stevens of South Glens Falls;

Alexandra Steves of South Glens Falls;

Ivayla Wadsworth of South Glens Falls;

Alec Willette of South Glens Falls;

Delbert Clement of Stony Creek;

Katie Gallant of Stony Creek;

Briana Bezio of Ticonderoga;

Emily Powers of Ticonderoga;

Job Eustis of Victory Mills;

Jason Baker of Warrensburg;

Shelby Brainard of Warrensburg;

Alyssa Jensen of Warrensburg;

Brittany Mason of Warrensburg;

Linda Morgan of Warrensburg;

Connie Shattuck of Warrensburg;

Holden Daughton of White Creek;

Jessica Bittle of Whitehall;

Dustin Blanchard of Whitehall;

Sarah Crowder of Whitehall;

Laurel Douglas of Whitehall;

Elizabeth Gebo of Whitehall;

Steven Gosselin of Whitehall;

Brittany Greco of Whitehall;

Kristy Hammont of Whitehall;

Jennifer Juckett of Whitehall;

Logan LaChapelle of Whitehall;

Johannah Lavin of Whitehall;

Samantha Lavin of Whitehall;

Drew Martindale of Whitehall;

Rebecca Putorti of Whitehall;

Ryan Sweeney of Whitehall;

Madison Gallup of Wilton;

Francine Grinnell of Wilton;

Samuel Litfin of Wilton;

Alec O’Hara of Wilton;

Caroline Pitts of Wilton; and

Lianna Rivette of Wilton.

SUNY Adirondack’s President’s List set

QUEENSBURY — SUNY Adirondack President Dr. Kristine Duffy announced the college’s President’s List, honoring those full-time students who maintained 4.0 grade point averages for the spring 2018 semester. A full-time student is defined as a student who is carrying 12 or more credits. Local students include:

Ashlie Dolphin of Argyle;

Peytin Mattes of Argyle;

Bonnie Ross of Buskirk;

Frederick Culver of Chestertown;

Stacey Childs of Corinth;

Cary Frechette of Corinth;

Melanie Connelly of Cossayuna;

Heidi Comstock of Fort Edward;

Alyssa Grumley of Fort Edward;

Dylan Anderson of Gansevoort;

Janine Beldon of Gansevoort;

Jessica Bizzarro of Gansevoort;

Mia Davison of Gansevoort;

Morgan Morizio of Gansevoort;

Toan Nguyen of Gansevoort;

April Strong of Gansevoort;

Jessica Fisher of Glens Falls;

Bradley James of Granville;

Samuel Sears of Granville;

Karen Toivonen of Greenfield Center;

Taylor O’Connor of Greenwich;

Savannah Norton of Hadley;

Cynthia Woodcock of Hadley;

Cassandra Martucci of Hague;

Leah Johnson of Hampton;

Sean Casey of Hudson Falls;

Adam Bills of Lake Luzerne;

Kiera Zmitrovitch of Lake Luzerne;

Travis Gebo of Middle Granville;

Tiffany Camp of Queensbury;

John Crawford of Queensbury;

Gage Marzloff of Queensbury;

Liam McCarthy of Queensbury;

Andrew Pray of Queensbury;

John Robinson of Queensbury;

Amanda Northshield of Salem;

Cheyenne Reuter of Schuylerville;

Matthew Cooper of South Glens Falls;

Kristen Janes of South Glens Falls;

Kyle Seaon of South Glens Falls; and

Sean Hart of Whitehall.

LaPell is exhibiting art in Project Space

ONEONTA — Sara LaPell of Queensbury is one of eight art scholarship recipients exhibiting artwork this month in SUNY Oneonta’s Project Space Gallery.

Artwork by LaPell, a computer art major, is featured in “Student Recipient Exhibition, Jean Parish Memorial Scholarship 2017-2018.” A range of styles and media — including drawing, painting, photography, prints and mixed media — is included in the exhibit, which opened Sept. 10 and runs through Oct. 5. The Project Space Gallery is free and open to the public from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday when the college is in session and during special events.

Students in running for merit scholarship

EVANSTON, Ill. — Two local high school students have been named semifinalists in the 64th annual National Merit Scholarship Program. These academically talented high school seniors have an opportunity to continue in the competition for some 7,500 National Merit Scholarships worth more than $31 million that will be offered next spring.

To be considered for a Merit Scholarship award, semifinalists must fulfill several requirements to advance to the finalist level of the competition. More than 90 percent of the semifinalists are expected to attain finalist standing, and about half of the finalists will win a National Merit Scholarship. Local students include:

Molly G. Showers of Bolton Central School in Bolton Landing; and

Erik L. Swanson of Queensbury High School in Queensbury.

Corentto receives Rensselaer Medal

TROY — Abigail Corentto of Gansevoort is this year’s honoree to receive the Rensselaer Medal and scholarship. For more than 100 years, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, in conjunction with high schools around the world, has awarded the Rensselaer Medal and scholarship to promising high school juniors who have distinguished themselves in mathematics and science. Abigail attends South Glens Falls High School.

Kader is named to the President’s List

CORTLAND — Callie Kader of Lake Luzerne has been placed on the President’s List for the spring 2018 semester at SUNY Cortland. To be eligible for the President’s List, a student must be full time and have earned at least an A- in all courses. Kader is an exercise science major.

Students earn first academic honors

WORCESTER, Mass. — Local students have been named to first honors on the Clark University Dean’s List for the spring 2018 semester. To be eligible for first honors, students must have a grade point average of 3.8 or higher, of a maximum of 4.3 (all A+s). Local students include:

  • Nicholas C. Chalmers, of Gansevoort; and
  • Alyosha J. Otogawa, of Gansevoort.

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