Lake Sunnyside

Some residents want municipal drinking water lines brought to the neighborhood around Lake Sunnyside.

QUEENSBURY — There’s disappointing news about bringing municipal water to homes around Lake Sunnyside.

It would likely cost about $2,000 a year per property owner to pay for the construction of a water system.

Operating the system would cost about $160 per year for each property owner.

The Town Board is still willing to move forward, based on requests from residents, but Supervisor John Strough predicted interest would dry up.

“I think when Lake Sunnyside people hear $2,000, they’ll say, ‘OK, maybe the well is looking better,’” he said.

That cost would be for at least 20 years, to pay off the construction loan.

The bigger problem might be that residents want sewer more than water, said Protective Association of Lake Sunnyside President Bob Huntz.

“If the $2,000 were for both sewer and water, it might be in the ballpark,” he said. “To my mind, if you’re going to dig a trench in the road, you might as well put two pipes in.”

Currently, the small lots around the lake have wells placed near septic systems. Some residents have added ultraviolet light to their wells to kill E. coli bacteria as a precaution against leaking septic systems.

While that has led to a discussion of municipal water, Huntz said sewer would be the better choice.

“Sewers, that would be terrific for the lake,” he said. “I would love to know what the cost for sewage would be. I have asked the town supervisor a couple times to get some estimates so we could consider it.”

The group has a meeting July 24. They will discuss the cost estimates for drinking water then, he said.

The estimates were based on a study done by C.T. Male Associates in 1999. Town officials used the construction index to determine approximately how much the cost of such a project would have increased in 20 years.

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