Making progress

Work continues to clear the South Street property in Glens Falls where The Market will be constructed. The former OTB building and the former Juicin' Jar building to the right have both been demolished.

It has not even been a week and a half and two South Street buildings in Glens Falls already have been demolished.

The former OTB building at 51-57 South St. and the former Juicin’ Jar at 49 South St. have already come down. There is one more building left to be razed.

“What they’re trying to do is clean up the bulk of the material out of there before they get to the Daily Double,” said EDC Warren County President Edward Bartholomew.

Making things a little bit more complicated is that the Juicin’ Jar and the former Hot Shots building to the right at 45 South St. share a retaining wall in the basement. That has to be carefully separated.

The property is being redeveloped into The Market, a 10,000-square-foot building that will house a year-round farmers market and community event space.

After these buildings are demolished, Cristo Demolition will turn its attention to a dilapidated house at 17 School St. The property next to the parking garage is being turned into a pocket park.

Making donations

The Support Your Troops store on Broad Street, Glens Falls, already has been able to make its first donations after a month in business.

Jason Lewis and his wife, Diane, opened the store, which sells military-themed apparel, on Oct. 4 in the Broad Street Shopping Center and are donating all proceeds, after rent and inventory, to help veterans’ causes.

Jason Lewis said in an email that the couple made their first donation checks on Sunday — $1,200 each to Adopt-A-Soldier of Wilton and Veterans Miracle Center in Albany. They made some other small donations to other causes for a total of $2,960 during the month of October.

Sunken fleet

A Wilton resident has released a book about a little-known sunken fleet of Lake George warships — called bateaux —from the French and Indian War.

The book, “Ghost Fleet Awakened-Lake George’s Sunken Bateaux of 1758,” is written by Joseph Zarzynski.

The book covers the history of the boats, which were flat-bottomed, pointed at bow and stern, generally rowed and typically 30- to 35-feet long. British command at Lake George in the fall of 1758 made the decision to sink the two floating batteries, according to a news release.

Many of the submerged boats were raised the following year but some were left for over 100 years until two teenage divers in 1960 discovered several sunken bateaux, dubbed the “Ghost Fleet.”

From 1987 to 2011, Zarzynski directed Bateaux Below, the nonprofit organization that studied Colonial bateau-class shipwrecks in the 32-mile-long Lake George. Zarzynski does volunteer work at archaeology projects and at museums.

The book is also available at area bookstores, including the Northshire bookstores in Saratoga Springs and in Manchester, Vermont.

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