QUEENSBURY — The Warren County airport is getting four new corporate jet hangars for Christmas.

The FAA finally approved the request this month, and Fixed Base Operator Rich Schermerhorn started work immediately on Monday.

“My equipment’s over there now,” he said.

Schermerhorn’s company, Rich Air, oversees all flight operations at the airport.

There are four regular corporate jets at the airport now, plus Schermerhorn’s jet, and there are five hangars. Right now, every slot is filled.

“In the winter, it’s very busy. Ninety percent of the jets want to be under cover,” he said. “(In summer), you could go three weeks without anyone in them. We’re full right now.”

He began the years-long process to add more hangars when he began consistently getting more requests than he could fulfill. Many owners of corporate jets want to lease a space, or a whole hangar, for the entire year, which does not give him much flexibility for those who are coming in for shorter periods of time.

But his year-long leases are usually in the hangar.

“Sometimes they can be out of town a week, three days,” he said.

So he got permission a year ago from Warren County to build the new hangars. It took another year to get FAA approval.

The customers waiting for new hangar space are a mix of private owners and companies, he said. They will pay $500 to $800 a night.

Rich Air is paying for the buildings and will pay Warren County a lease for the land on which the new hangars will sit.

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