FORT EDWARD -- Dick Ladd said he awoke Sunday to find clear, gelatin-like blobs dotting the lawn of his Fort Edward home.

A day of rain didn’t dissolve the gooey substance, which appears to be confined solely to Ladd’s property on Olive Street. He contacted The Post-Star about it Monday morning.

“It’s like Jell-O all over my lawn. The rain don’t even melt it,” he said in his back yard, pointing to the ground. “There’s a great big one. ... See it?”

Ladd, a retired school custodian once active in local square dancing, said he’s mystified about the origin of the substance, which he suggested was some form of precipitation.

Whatever it is, it didn’t fall from the sky, said Kevin Lipton, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service.

He said he hasn’t heard of any precipitation like what Ladd describes, and no one has reported anything similar locally.

The state Department of Environmental Conservation also said it hasn’t heard of any similar findings.

The blobs vary in size, with the largest about the size of a marble. They dot the grass and landscaping of the Ladd property, but not paved surfaces or the rooftop. They are more densely clustered in some areas than others, but they can be found throughout the back and side yards.

Just across the back yard’s southern fence, a close inspection of neighbor Bonnie Edgerly’s yard uncovered no similar blobs. None could be seen across the street, either.

Edgerly said the substance look like jelly that’s sold as a children’s toy, but Ladd and his wife Heddy said no children have played in their yard recently.

Ladd said he fertilized his lawn over a month ago. Chuck Schmitt, a horticulturist with Cornell Cooperative Extension, said he doesn’t think fertilizer would produce such a goo.

The substance does resemble gels used by some gardeners, Schmitt said, but those products are typically used only on trees or shrubbery.

Ladd said he wasn’t concerned the substance was dangerous. He and his wife picked it up, poked at it and collected a cupful from the their grass.

“It’s like somebody ... ,” Dick Ladd said, his sentence trailing off. “I don’t know what it is.”

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