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Derek Bracht of Ballston Spa goes off a jump Oct. 8 at the new motocross track on 149 in Fort Ann. The owner of the track has asked the Town Board to be able to hold another practice session this Saturday.

FORT ANN — The local motocross season may not quite be over yet.

Jeremy Treadway, owner of the ADK MX track, was allowed seven practice sessions after the Planning Board approved his track, following a four-month wait. Treadway has asked to be able to hold another practice session this Saturday.

The Town Board will meet at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Town Hall to discuss the request.

The practice session would be held specifically for the American Motorcylists Association to evaluate the feasibility of holding amateur races at the track next season.

Supervisor Richard Moore said the Town Board cannot waive any of the conditions of the resolution approving the site plan application of Jeremy Treadway but said this request might fall outside those conditions.

“The purpose of the meeting is for the board to evaluate Jeremy Treadway’s request for the AMA to test his track,” Moore said.

Treadway said and the AMA would donate ticket receipts to the town Fire Department or to other town departments.

Needed for next year

“They set the schedule in November, so if they don’t see the track now, we won’t be able to have any races,” said Treadway, who spent Monday cleaning up the track from weekend rains.

The track would still be open for practice sessions in 2017, Thursdays through Sundays, at specific times, between mid-April and mid-October. The track is located at the former site of Country Meadows Golf.

Treadway had gotten permission from the town to hold a practice session Oct. 22, but it was rained out. He requested another and was originally told no by Supervisor Richard Moore.

Results unclear

Moore said he had reviewed the testing done Oct. 15 By Novus Engineer, P.C., but said he could not comment very much.

“At this time, my comments are going to have to be fairly limited,” he said “The test did show a number of things. It showed ambient sound levels in the area are not consistent. The recorded levels were different from what had been recorded in August during the pilot test, and different from the Sterling test that Jeremy Treadway originally submitted.”

Moore did make several observations.

“When the motocross bikes were running, the test showed increased levels in some areas, but not others,” he said. “The largest increase in the noise levels was recorded at Goodman Road, which is the furthest away from the track. All of the numbers are different from what was recorded during the pilot run. What struck me is the amount of variance that may occur when taking sound readings, depending on environmental and other external factors that are outside of everyone’s control.”

Moore said the next step on the testing will have to be decided by the Town Board, which is tasked with enforcing the Planning Board’s recommendations and decision.

“Where the town goes from here will be a board decision, and one I can’t comment on at this time,” he said. “The Planning Board found that any impact from noise would be minimal. The Town Board retained Novus to collect and evaluate noise level data now the track is in full operation. It’s important to remember we are still in the information-gathering stage, which will continue once ADK MX is permitted to operate again in the spring.”

Treadway said he examined the results from the test and wondered about several aspects, including why the ambient sound readings were taken at 8 a.m. and 8:15 a.m., times the track was not even running.

“A lot of the tests are contradicting,” he said. “I find it strange there is not traffic noise on Goodman Road.”

The readings were done at three places — the Monahan house, which overlooks the track, Goodman Road and Cartier Lane.

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