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MOREAU — The narrow, dimly-lighted driveway to the Moreau Town Hall may finally get fixed later this year.

“It needs to be wider and safer,” Supervisor Todd Kusnierz said.

It was never the best location for an entrance — from the driveway, visitors can’t even see Town Hall. Two other buildings block it from sight.

They can see it directly behind the South Glens Falls Fire Company parking lot — which is wide and well-lighted — so they often turn in there and discover there’s no connecting road to Town Hall.

That annoyed firefighters so much that they built a homemade sign earlier this year announcing that the entrance was not for Town Hall.

Town officials eventually got that sign replaced by a standard road sign identifying the Fire Department entrance, with another one for Town Hall.

But the road signs have not solved the original problem: the narrow driveway to Town Hall. Since it’s off a state road, the town can’t simply add signs or widen it without permission.

Supervisor Todd Kusnierz recently learned that the town had permission to fix the driveway three years ago, but the permit expired after three months.

So he reapplied, only to learn that the standards have changed.

The state Department of Transportation asked for a traffic light at Town Hall, which Kusnierz refused.

“I said, ‘We’re not doing a traffic light.’ We already have one at Route 32,” he said.

DOT also wanted the town to create a massive entrance, with four lanes — two in, two out.

But after some discussion, state officials agreed to allow a slightly wider driveway, with a total of two lanes. The work will require a larger culvert for the ditch under the driveway.

The town engineer will send in official plans for approval, and Kusnierz hopes to get the work finished before winter.

“It is a safety issue,” he said. “Either people leaving in the dark are going to drive into a ditch, or someone turning in, in the daylight. There will be an accident.”

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