MOREAU — Town Board member Gina LeClair has been endorsed by the Republicans, shortly after she changed her voter registration.

The Democrat switched her registration to “blank,” meaning that she was no longer affiliated with any party. Then she sent in paperwork to change that to Republican, said Republican town committee Chairman Rich Morris.

The change won’t go into effect until after the general election, according to state election law.

But, Morris said, the committee was pleased by LeClair’s track record. She came to the GOP endorsement meeting seeking an endorsement, and the committee voted to support her.

“She’s a blank, but we had a history with her. She endorsed (Supervisor) Gardner Congdon and Alan Van Tassel last time,” Morris said.

He had no objection to choosing someone who was first elected as a Democrat before deciding to join his party.

“We welcome all Democrats with open arms,” he said. “We want the best candidates, we want the best for our town.”

The committee endorsed all three incumbents for re-election this fall. Those are Supervisor Todd Kusnierz, board member Alan Van Tassel and LeClair.

LeClair first won election in 2007, in what was seen as a victory for Democrats in the Republican town. She is finishing her third term now.

Van Tassel was first elected in 2015 and is running for his second term.

Kusnierz, who has a two-year term as town supervisor, is running for his second term. But he was on the Town Board for 17 years prior to being elected supervisor.

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