Fire hydrant

This hydrant has a less-common type of connector for fire hoses. The South Glens Falls Fire Company has to try three different adapters to get its hoses onto some hydrants in the town.

MOREAU — Town hydrants might be getting a paint job to help firefighters hook up to them faster.

But firefighters aren’t enthusiastic about the idea.

At issue is that some hydrants have a different connector for hoses. Firefighters have five adapters and must find the right one or their hose will blow off when the water is turned on. It’s not hard to do — until you add in the pressure of doing it in the dark, while an untouched fire expands nearby.

South Glens Falls Fire Company Chief Nick Quinn asked the town to simply replace all the non-standard connections. Supervisor Todd Kusnierz said that would be too expensive.

Now, Kusnierz has a new idea: color-coding the hydrants with paint.

“So when the fire company arrives on the scene, they know exactly what fitting they need,” he said. “I though that’s a pretty good solution, very cost-effective.”

Firefighters had hoped for color-coding on hydrants, but not for the hose connection adapters. They wanted the hydrants painted to reflect water pressure.

Kusnierz said that idea has not been seriously considered because of the cost of measuring the pressure at every hydrant in town.

“That’s a very expensive program,” he said. “We’re probably not going to do it.”

It would be simpler to have a Water Department employee look at each hydrant, identify the correct adapter and paint the hydrant. An employee painted all the hydrants the same color last year and could repaint the ones that don’t have a standard connection.

“Between saving time and pressure, I choose saving time,” Kusnierz said.

Fewer than 100 hydrants have non-standard connections, Quinn estimated. They are mainly on Reservoir Road, Bluebird Road and in the Moreau Industrial Park.

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