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CORINTH — When Corinth Supervisor Richard Lucia commissioned a painting to commemorate the town’s bicentennial, the artist, Cate Mandigo, chose to paint two.

“She did a second one free for us,” Lucia said Wednesday afternoon. “She’s from here and she did it as a Corinth favor. She was delighted to do them.”

The two paintings — one of International Paper and the other of Pagenstecher Park — bring back memories of an earlier time.

“I worked at International Paper for 40 years and the painting is of the Mill House, the original office,” Lucia said.

Looking closely at the second painting of the park, there is fenced area to the left that Lucia points out.

“Years ago, they had deer fenced in and we would take table scraps to feed the deer,” Lucia said, adding that he had a part-time job delivering flowers for Mandigo’s father’s florist business.

Mandigo, who grew up in Corinth, is an internationally collected artist who has been commissioned by the White House four times. In 2000 and 2007, she was the featured artist for public television station WMHT.

The two souvenir bicentennial prints were reproduced in three sizes and are all matted and signed by Mandigo, said Lucia.

“We have a display at the Hudson River Credit Union, but you have to come to the Corinth Town Hall (600 Palmer Ave.) to purchase,” he said.

Available are an 8-by-10 for $30, an 11-by-14 for $45 and a 16-by-20 for $60, he said.

In addition to the reproductions, raffle tickets — $20 each — are on sale for a chance on one of the original prints in Town Hall.

Lucia said all the proceeds will help pay for this summer’s big town birthday party.

“It goes to paying for all the events,” he said.

Additionally, Lucia said several women are painting 200 rocks that will be hidden around the town during the week of the August celebrations.

“I think they are on 153,” he said, adding that all the rocks will be connected to a prize for the finder.

Kathleen Phalen-Tomaselli is a features writer at The Post-Star. She can be reached at for comments or story ideas.



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