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Log Bay Day

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation officers talk to boaters during the annual Log Bay Day party in July 2015 about the number of life preservers they have on board their vessel. 

Log Bay Day, the annual late-July party on Lake George, was “non-existent” on Monday thanks to police efforts to shut it down for a second straight year.

Log Bay and the bays around it on the east side of the lake were quiet on Monday as police agencies enforced a closure of the bays motivated by the 2016 boat crash that claimed the life of 8-year-old Charlotte McCue.

Warren County Sheriff Bud York said his agency’s boat patrols reported little boat traffic in the area and no one trying to violate the ban that was put in place by the Lake George Park Commission.

“That’s what we want,” York said.

Numerous agencies had boat patrols in the Log Bay area to enforce the Park Commission bay closure order.

Washington County Sheriff Jeff Murphy said patrols on Shelving Rock Road in Fort Ann, who annually monitor traffic to state land along the lake for Log Bay Day, reported few people heading to the shoreline Monday.

He said many of the people who did drive in to the state day-use area were from out of the region and hadn’t planned to partake of Log Bay Day.

“It’s non-existent,” Murphy said. “They only saw a few cars, and some of them were from out of state and didn’t know what Log Bay Day was.”

For decades, the party that centered on the shallow, sandy bays along the lake’s east shore drew dozens and dozens of boats and hundreds of partiers, leading to dozens of arrests and injuries.

The July 2016 death of Charlotte McCue at the hands of an impaired boater who had spent the day at Log Bay Day led to the crackdown that began with last summer’s event being banned as well.

The boater who hit the boat Charlotte was on, Alexander M. West, is serving 5 to 15 years in state prison for manslaughter.

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Don Lehman covers crime and Warren County government for The Post-Star. His work can be found on Twitter @PS_CrimeCourts and on

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