Lake George High School

Lake George High School


LAKE GEORGE — School Superintendent Lynne Rutnik, former school board President Marc Mularz and current members Tim Collins and Thomas Seguljic will be deposed in the lawsuit about the elimination of the vice principal position at the high school.

The decision on the depositions from Judge Thomas Nolan also includes an order for the school district to disclose data and information presented to the board about the position.

Claudia Braymer, the lawyer who represents the group bringing the lawsuit, said she and her team are pleased with the judge’s decision.

“I think that it signals the judge thinks we do have a case and there is more to be discovered,” Braymer said.

A group opposed to the decision to eliminate the position filed the lawsuit in May of last year, claiming the board violated the state’s Open Meetings Law by discussing changes to the administrative structure in executive session.

Cody Conley was removed from the vice principal position in the spring of 2018, before eventually taking a similar role in the Saratoga Springs Central School District.

A court decision from November said the group will have to prove the board violated the Open Meetings Law beyond “mere negligence.” Braymer said the crux of the case is district officials’ intent to keep the decision-making process private.

Braymer also sought depositions from the school district’s lawyers, arguing it was their guidance that led to the defiance of the meetings law initially.

Nolan did not grant this request as it would disqualify Girvin & Ferlazzo from continuing to represent the district. Rutnik and the other board members can testify to what they were told by the firm, he ruled.

Rutnik said the district does not comment on items regarding pending litigation on the advice of their legal counsel.

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Samuel Northrop is the education reporter for The Post-Star. He can be reached at snorthrop@poststar.com.


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