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Bay Ridge Rescue Squad wants to expand its training room to accommodate more people.

QUEENSBURY — Bay Ridge Rescue Squad is expanding because so many people are coming to its unique training sessions.

Members of the squad briefed the Town Board on the plan, because it can’t go forward without board approval. However, the squad doesn’t need any money from the town for the project.

“We would not be asking for any money,” said Captain Regina Ladd. “We would figure out how to make that work in our budget.”

Squad members want to expand their meeting room space and improve the air conditioning in the room.

Currently, 35 to 40 people attend each training, Ladd said.

“It’s becoming difficult to accommodate them,” she said.

The increase is partly due to an increase in members and volunteers. But anyone can come to the trainings, which are free, and sometimes the general public attends. Twelve Skidmore College students came to a recent training.

“These are trainings we need to keep our certifications,” Ladd said.

But they try to find “more interesting” topics than the typical CPR class. This summer, they will offer one on pediatric emergencies, called “I hate kid calls” to attract those scared of pediatric calls.

On May 1, they will have one on a rare disorder (eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome) that they are calling “Zombie EMS.” Others include “Your face is melting” and “Bout Dem Drugs.”

They also have trainings coming up on more common injuries, including motorcycle accidents and traumatic burns.

Board members asked why they would not charge for the training and why they would allow members of other units to attend.

“On big things, we’re all going to be there together,” Ladd said.

One of the main problems with the current training room is that a large, load-bearing pillar divides the room. It’s about 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep — the size of a vending machine. It’s so big that they can’t use part of the room because the trainees there would not be able to see around the pillar.

The expanded room will be about 30 feet by 50 feet, with heat and air conditioning. No water or bathrooms are planned in the addition.

Board members said they would be in favor of the project, which will now progress to the planning stage.

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